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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova / Insprugg

Milan 26 Dec. / 1772

We`ve just got up from lunch at Madme d`Aste`s, where I`m now writing this. She sends you her best wishes. The opera will start in 2 or 3 hours. May God be merciful! The dress rehearsal passed off so well two days ago that we`ve every reason to hope for a great success. The music alone, without the ballets, footnote1 lasts 4 hours. Your letter footnote2 arrived safely, bringing with it lots of news. The accident suffered by H Joseph Hagenauer has affected us deeply. We both prayed for his recovery in church today and sincerely hope that he recovers. Do give him our best wishes. The story about ghosts in the Barisanis` house is nothing but blind folly on the part of a hysteric. Dr Barisani should simply undertake an investigation, the good girl must have suffered from hysterical fits, if not now, then certainly in the past. By this post I`m also writing to Hs Ex the T Chief Steward and to His Grace, our most gr l, enclosing the opera libretto. Don`t forget to call on Hr Exc Countess Arco and give her our most humble regards and best wishes for the New Year. As for the [ letter ] to [ Florence ], there was been great confusion. Abbate Augustini took the whole parcel with him to Rome instead of handing it to H Troger here. As a result, all these things have only recently come back from Rome and only just been sent off to [ Florence ] . Hs E Count Firmian enclosed a [ good ] and [ strongly worded letter ], we must now [ await the reply ] . footnote3 On the evenings of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd there were big parties at Co Firmian`s attended by the whole of the nobility. Each of them lasted from 5 in the evening till 11 at night, with constant vocal and instrumental music. We too were invited, and Wolfg. played every evening. On the third day in particular, Wolfg. was asked by Tr Roy Highnesses footnote4 to play as soon as they arrived. And both their Highnesses spoke with us at length. On all 3 evenings the principal houses in the city were illuminated with large torches, and in the towers of the churches near Co Firmian`s house the bells played pieces like the carillons in the Netherlands, while in the street there were bands with trumpets and timpani. These were the celebrations held to mark the elevation of Hs Eminence the Bishop of Passau to the rank of cardinal. Signora de Amicis is our best friend, she sings and acts like an angel and is overjoyed because Wolfg. has served her incomparably well. footnote5 Together with the whole of Salzb., you`d be amazed to hear her! Best wishes from us both to all our good friends inside and outside the house, we kiss you many 1000 times and I am, in haste, your old
Although we`re keeping well, thank God, my head remains my secret enemy. I look much better and have a good colour, but from time to time I`m reminded of how I feel, especially the time that night when I unfortunately fell. But I still hope that I may continue to suffer from this feeling for another 50 years.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.