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Milan, 3 Feb. 1770
I imagined that you`d receive my letters one at a time. I hope that the one from Mantua and one from Milan footnote1 will be in your hands by now, making this my eighth letter. I`ve nothing to report except that we are well, thank God; that our hands, especially Wolfg.`s, are fully recovered; footnote2 that the steward`s wife made the hand cream for us according to your instructions; that we attended the dress rehearsal of the new opera, Il Caesare in Egitto, yesterday; that the opera is very good; and that we saw and spoke to Maestro Piccini and Madame Piccinelli; that for the past fortnight we`ve had the most beautiful weather; that Wolfg. looks forward to his well-warmed mattress every day; that he can`t write as he`s working on 2 Latin motets footnote3 for 2 young castratos, one of whom is 15, the other 16 years old. footnote4 They asked him to write them for them, and because they are friends and sing so beautifully, he could not refuse them; that it is most vexing for me to see and hear these boys, while knowing that I can`t bring them back to Salzb. with me; that I foresee a longer stay in Milan than I imagined; that His Excellency Count Firmian is not yet fully recovered from his cold; that I`ve just found another piece in the paper describing how they literally waylaid us in Bozolo; footnote5 that there`s something about Count Arco`s skills in the article on Mantua, footnote6 a piece that I would ask you to show to His Excellency Count Arco with my most humble good wishes; that Wolfg. thanks you for your birthday greetings; footnote7 that you should wait a few more days to receive answers from Gräffer in Vienna and from Breitkopf in Leipzig; that Wolfg. and I kiss you and Nannerl 1000 times; and that I am ever your
honest husband
Please give my very best wishes to the whole of Salzb. in alphabetical order and in keeping with their status. Have the 2 flutes been cleaned? - - Is Nannerl keeping busy practising the harpsichord? - - Has the ring been repaired in which the wax from the seal got stuck?
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.