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[Innsbruck, 15 December 1769]
Friday, 6 o`clock in the evening. / Insprugg.
We got here half an hour ago. At midday we were in Schwatz. The countryside around Insprugg struck me as being rather like the road to Hallein at Kaltenhausen, just as Insprugg itself is similarly situated. Otherwise I`ve nothing to report. We are well, thank God. We`re staying at the Weisen Kreutz. If you`ve any news for me, you can write to me here: if I leave in the meantime, I shall first leave word at the post office that letters should be forwarded to Botzen. Just address them:
à M. Mozart Maître de Chapelle de la Musique de S. A. S. Le Prince Archevêque de Salzbourg.
I was so distracted that I`ve brought with me the little key to the clavichord, which was attached to my watch: I`m returning it herewith, as there`s no point in dragging it around with me. Make sure you don`t lose it. Farewell! Farewell to all of you! Wolfg. and I kiss you and Nannerl, and I am your old
Please hand this letter straight to the Vienna post . footnote1
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