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Bologna 18 Sept. 1770
Following the death of H Hafner footnote1 in Nuremberg, his wife has been having such fun that the local magistrate has placed an administration order on her and I hear that in an attempt to restore order to her ruinous finances and enable her to get her hands on some money, a sale of her music publishing business has been organized. Since his death the late Herr Hafner`s credit has fallen as a result of his wife`s mismanagement. She`s now remarried - a young man who wants to restore the music business and get it on its feet again. While it`s true that Frau Hafner needs to settle up and pay me what she owes me, I have, as you know, several of her things in my possession, footnote2 so that I`m adequately covered. I assume that this letter is from her present husband and that she herself doesn`t have the heart to write to me either out of a sense of shame or for some other reason. Be that as it may, you can assemble the 12 copies that he`s demanding. The best way of getting them to Nuremberg would be to send them there, franked, with someone at St Michael`s Market, footnote3 namely, H Schwarzkopf. If the packet is too big, you could divide it up and give it to 2 different people. But I would ask you to find out on the quiet from H[err] Johannes Hagen who this Andreas Lotter is and what his circumstances are. If he`s Frau Hafner`s husband, footnote4 then I`m covered. Or is he someone else? In this way we`ll find out whether and to what extent he can be trusted. All the more so in that he`s promising to settle up every quarter. The letter that you write to him must say that you`re sending him the 12 copies in the absence of your husband who is in Italy. He should sell them at 2 f 15 kr each and pay you 1 f 45 for them. You hope that he will send you payment for these 12 copies post-free, either with H Schwarzkopf or with some other person from Nuremberg who`ll be attending the forthcoming Salzb. Lent Market as you have to account to your husband, who`ll be arriving in Salzb. at around the same time. As for a music publishing house in Salzburg he must wait for the return of your husband, who will provide him with an answer on this point. But there`s no time to lose as you need to ensure that there`s someone willing to take it with them. If you`re late, they`ll already have packed everything up. Note that they often pack up their goods for return half way through the market.
You must also ask H Schwarzkopf if he`s received instructions to pay for the copies sent to H Breitkopf in Leipzig. Haven`t you written? - - Haven`t you received a reply? - - You`ll see from the list I left behind what he has to pay.
As for the rooms in Count Podsdatsky`s house, I know only that he promised to bear us in mind if Co Wolfegg were ever to move out. Co Wolfegg knows this too. And so it will be no more than an assumption on his part that he`s to move out because we`re moving in. Co Podsdatsky will presumably have very different ideas. God forbid that I should ever evict a canon from a chapter house in order to make room for myself. That would indeed be ridiculous and not the sort of thing people would ever impute to me. If this has happened, it was without my knowledge or insistence and without the slightest encouragement or help on my part. In order to get to the bottom of this matter, footnote5 I`ve already taken the necessary steps. B Riedheim arrived in Bologna on the 15th and left today. I discovered this only yesterday and as I couldn`t get away myself, I sent the footman into town. I received his letter, and he wrote me a note. footnote6 I hope to see him in Milan. We very much like the minuets; footnote7 Wolfg. doesn`t have time at present to attend to his sister`s needs, but will do so as soon as he can; best wishes to all our friends inside and outside the house. We send you both many 1000000 kisses and I am your old
If you`re so keen to visit Italy, we`ll invite you to the opera in Milan.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.