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Verona, footnote1 7 January 1770
I am very sorry not to have received your first letter. footnote2 It must still be lying at the post office in Botzen. I`ll make enquiries: it will have gone there from Insprugg. Let me say straightaway that we`re all well, thank God. It would have been better if you`d written to tell me how many letters you`ve received from me, for I sent you one from Wirgl, one by the hired coachman, then one by post from Insprugg and one from Botzen. footnote3 Could I first of all ask you to give Herr Ranftl my best wishes and tell him that we were warmly received by Herr Stockhammer and most lavishly entertained? I also met my old acquaintance Herr Stickler there. Please give my best wishes to Herr Kerschbaumer, too, and tell him that Herr Semelrock received us most courteously and also gave us a letter of recommendation to take with us to Bologna. footnote4 We spent only a day and a half in Botzen. We`d barely arrived in Roveredo when we received a visit from a certain Cristani, who took the woman`s part in the play |: Cato`s Child :| footnote5 at the Collegium Rupertinum and who invited us to have lunch with him and his brother the next day. And who was this brother of his? - - The very same Nicolaus Cristani who stayed with the Master of the Pageboys and consistorial councillor Cristani in Salz. and whom I taught to play the violin: he`s now the most important person in Roveredo and the whole district, namely, the country lieutenant, representing Her Majesty the Empress. I expect you`ll still remember him, he stayed with the pageboys. As soon as we arrived, he said how much Wolfg. resembles you, he remembers just what you look like. And whom did we find there? - - Sigr. Comte Septimo Lodron, consistorial councillor Cristiani, a certain Pilati, Vesti etc.: the first 2 of them had driven over from Villa on Count Lodron`s estates, for the news that we were coming had already reached Roveredo from Insprugg. You can easily imagine how pleased we were to see each other again after 19, 20 and more years and that it was a most enjoyable lunch. While we were at table, Herr von Cosmi`s valet arrived and invited us to lunch the next day. This was another delightful meal, all the more so in that as a widower Herr von Cosmi was engaged to a respectable young lady whom he married a few days after we`d left. His mother and 3 sisters were also there. If we`d remained in Roveredo any longer, we`d have had to stay with him; and if ever we return, we`re to lodge with him. Baron Pizzini and Count Lodron, to whom we were given letters of introduction by His Excellency the Marshal of the Prince`s Household, footnote6 honoured us with all manner of civilities. The nobility organized a concert at the home of Baron Todesci. footnote7 And who was this Baron Todesci? - - The same gentleman that Herr Giovanni once brought to us in Vienna to hear Wolfg. play. footnote8 Perhaps you still remember him. I don`t need to tell you what a credit to us all Wolfg. has been. The following afternoon we went to see the organ in the main church; and although only 6 or 8 of the leading people in the town knew that we were coming, we found the whole of Roveredo assembled in the church, so that some strong fellows had to go ahead and make way for us to the choir, where it then took us another five to ten minutes to get to the organ as everyone wanted to get close to us. We spent 4 days in Roveredo. It`s not a large town and was once very run-down, but thanks to the hard work of its inhabitants it has been increasingly prosperous and fashionable for as long as people can remember, with most of the population earning their living by growing wine and trading in silk. There are now many well-to-do houses here, and the people are very polite in their dealings with strangers.
In Verona there is an opera every day and so it took the nobility a whole week to organize a concert or academy, footnote9 to which we were invited. The cavalieri to whom we had been given letters of introduction are il Marchese Carlotti, il Conte Carlo Emilij, il Marchese Spolverini, il Marchese Dionisio St. Fermo, il Sgr. Conte Just del Giardino and il Sgr. Conte Allegri. footnote10 We have a standing invitation to visit Marchese Carlotti, also Herr Loccatelli. We`ve twice dined with Marchese Carlotti, and also with Comte Carlo Emilij. On 2 occasions we were with Comte Justi, who has a beautiful garden and an art gallery. You may be able to find them in Kayslers accounts of his travels. footnote11 Then, yesterday, we dined with Herr Locatelli, while today there was utter confusion, which I must tell you about in more detail. We were invited to visit the home of a certain honest individual by the name of Ragazzoni. The receiver general of Venice, Sgr. Luggiatti had asked the cavalieri to obtain my permission for Wolfg. to have his portrait painted;   Read More   this took place yesterday morning, and he was to have a second sitting today after church. We were also intending to dine there. Sgr. Luggiatti went in person to see Herr Raggazzoni to ask him to entrust us to him, and the latter had to agree to this, albeit most reluctantly, as Luggiatti is very powerful in Venice. And so we were to go to Herr Luggiatti`s house this morning after church and sit for the painter again before lunch. But then someone even greater or more powerful appeared, the Bishop of Verona, from the house of Justiniani, who sent word through Herr Locatelli that he not only wanted us to call on him after church but also to have lunch with him. But when he heard that Wolfg.`s portrait was being painted and that we wanted to resume our journey, he agreed to our having lunch with Herr Luggiatti but still detained us until after 1 o`clock. The painter then got on with Wolfg.`s portrait, and it wasn`t until 3 o`clock that we sat down to eat. After lunch we drove to St Thomas`s in order to play on the church`s 2 organs; and even though we decided to do this only over lunch and although only a few tickets had been sent to Marchese Carlotti and Comte Pedemonte, footnote12 there was such a crowd inside the church when we arrived there that there was hardly enough room for us to get out of the coach. The crush was so great that we were obliged to go through the monastery, where so many people rushed over to us that we wouldn`t have found any space at all if the fathers who were waiting for us at the monastery gates hadn`t taken us into their midst. Once it was over, the noise was even greater as everyone wanted to see the little organist. As soon as we were in the carriage, I asked to be driven home, where I locked the door and began to write this letter: I had to tear myself away, otherwise we wouldn`t have been left in peace long enough even to write a letter. Tomorrow we`re going to see the amphitheatre   Read More   and other curiosities with Herr Loccatelli, after which we`ll dine with him and then pay our farewell calls, the day after tomorrow we`ll pack and on Wednesday evening, with God`s help, we`ll travel on to Mantua, which, although it`s near, is a short winter day`s journey away on account of the muddy road. Have you received no letters from Herr Lotter reporting the safe arrival of the money? - - Has Herr Breitkopf not written from Leipzig to say that he`s received the 100 books? - - footnote13 Have the books been sent to Vienna, and has Herr Gräffer reported their arrival? - - footnote14 Just drop me a couple of lines to report on all these matters. - I hope you had nice weather in Salzb. during the Christmas holidays and that it wasn`t too cold. - - It`s been very cold here for nearly a week. And just imagine, everywhere we dined, there were neither hearths nor stoves in the dining rooms. Your hands get terribly black and blue and red. I`d rather eat in a cellar. More on this - the greatest cross we have to bear - another time. Perhaps you could write and let me know how to make the hand cream, which we may be needing. In the meantime, bundle up 12 copies of the violin tutor and send them to Joseph Wolf`s bookshop in Insprugg. Unless I`m much mistaken, the man who runs the bookshop in Insprugg is called Felicius or Felicianus Fischer. They`ll tell you at Mayr`s bookshop. You don`t need to enclose anything more than a brief note, perhaps along the lines of: Here are 12 copies of the Violin Tutor that my husband has instructed me to send you from Verona. As agreed, you may retain them on commission and sell them at 2 f 15 kr (Tirolean currency) each, crediting my husband with 1 f 45 kr (in the same currency) for each copy sold: please would you advertise them in the newspaper and charge the cost to my husband. I`ve no more paper. Farewell. I am your old Mzt
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