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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova / Insprugg.

Milan 30 January / 1773

We haven`t received a letter today unless the Rome courier who passes through Mantua happens to bring something with him as he sometimes brings letters from Germany that have been left in Mantua. Otherwise your letter, assuming you wrote one, will arrive on Wednesday or thereabouts. You`ll see from my handwriting that I`m writing this in bed as I`m still laid up with this damned rheumatism and am suffering like a dog. Patience is the patron saint of all cow. The relig proverb says: Better here than there. But I say: Better there than here, because a cold room - a room colder than the street - can`t possibly be to the liking of someone suffering from rheumatism who is sweating it out in bed, although I wouldn`t like a badly overheated room either. The 2nd opera is being performed for the first time today. Unfortunately, I shan`t be able to hear it. I`m sending Wolfg. to hear it from H von Germani`s box, while I myself remain here and mope. We`ve had terrible rain for some days now, but since yesterday, the 29th, we`ve had the most beautiful weather again, and it`s more hot than cold. If my health had allowed it, I`d have left here in early February, but I must now count myself fortunate if I can get away by the 10th or 12th as this is the most dangerous time of the year for my illness inasmuch as I shall encounter snow and more fresh air than I need in the Tyrol. I hope I shan`t miss the beautiful operas in Salzb. footnote1 ! As I said in my last letter, you shouldn`t write to me in Milan any longer. If you write to me on the 12th, write to me in Insprugg and at the end add: To be handed in at the Golden Eagle and retained until arrival. I may arrive during the night and leave again in the morning, when the post office is closed, so I wouldn`t be able to collect it if the letter were to be left at the post office. As I`ll be staying at the Golden Eagle, it`s better if the letter is waiting for me there. Wolfg. is well. Even as I write these lines, he`s for ever turning somersaults. Best wishes from us both to all our good friends inside and outside the house, we kiss you 100000 times, and I am your old
Madme and Mr d`Aste, H von Troger and H and Me Germani send their best wishes.
I`ve received no further reply from the Grand Duke in Florence. What I wrote about my illness is untrue, I just spent a few days in bed. But I`m now fully recovered and am going to the opera this evening. But you must tell everyone that I`m ill. You should cut off this piece of paper to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.
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