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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><TEI.2><teiHeader><fileDesc> <titleStmt><title>In Mozart's Words (The letters from Italy): Letter 283</title> <respStmt> <resp>Annotations: Cliff Eisen, King's College, London</resp> <resp>XML-tagging of citations in the text: Claudia Pignato e Patrizia Rebulla, Castaliamusic</resp> <resp>Conversion to TEI XML: Michael Pidd, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</resp> <resp>Full credits available at: http://letters.mozartways.com</resp> </respStmt> </titleStmt> <publicationStmt> <publisher>Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</publisher> <pubPlace>Sheffield, United Kingdom</pubPlace> <date>2011</date> <availability><p>This transcription can be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes on condition that it is accompanied by this header information identifying its origin and authors. Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or for commercial uses. Please go to https://www.dhi.ac.uk for more information.</p></availability> </publicationStmt> </fileDesc> <encodingDesc> <projectDesc> <p>Funder: EU Culture Programme (2007-2013)</p> <p>Project Team: Maria Majno (Europaische Mozart Way Ee.V); Cliff Eisen (King's College London - Dept of Music); Patrizia Rebulla (Comune di Milano - Settore Cultura) Stadt Augsburg - Kulturburo; HRI Digital, Humanities Research Institute (Univ. of Sheffield)</p> <p>Annotations: Cliff Eisen, King's College, London</p> <p>XML-tagging of citations in the text: Claudia Pignato e Patrizia Rebulla, Castaliamusic</p> <p>Conversion to TEI XML: Michael Pidd, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</p> <p>Full project credits available at: http://letters.mozartways.com</p> </projectDesc> </encodingDesc> <profileDesc> <langUsage id="eng"> <language>eng</language> </langUsage> </profileDesc></teiHeader><text><body><div type="letter"><div type="header"><hi rend="bold">283. <name type="person" id="2165" ref="3751">LEOPOLD MOZART</name> TO HIS <name type="person" id="2166" ref="3753">WIFE</name> IN <name type="place" id="2167" ref="47">SALZBURG</name></hi></div><div type="date-and-place"><lb/>À Madame / Madame <name type="person" id="2169" ref="3753">Marie Anne Mozart</name> / a [à] / <name type="place" id="2171" ref="47">Salzbourg</name>. / par <hi rend="underline"><name type="place" id="2172" ref="74">Mantova</name></hi> / <hi rend="underline"><name type="place" id="2173" ref="77">Insprugg</name></hi>.</div><lb/> <name type="place" id="2174" ref="89">Milan</name> 6 Feb. / <hi rend="underline">1773</hi><lb/><lb/>I was sure that I`d get away from here early next week and that I`d see you, therefore, before the end of the carnival: but this damned rheumatism is now affecting my right shoulder and since I can`t do anything for myself, nothing is happening, and you can imagine how I`m feeling, especially since it`s now terribly cold and there`s a wind that cuts right through you. We don`t have a warm room or even a fire in our room. I have to try to keep warm in a bed covered with fur and clothes and even to use our footbags for this purpose. For all that, I still intend to leave here, if possible, at the end of next week and to be in <name type="place" id="2175" ref="47">Salzb</name>. for the last 3 days of the carnival. I say `if possible` because if my rheumatism isn`t completely cured, I can`t risk such a long journey in this cold weather as the Tyrol will undoubtedly be cold and I run the risk of having to stay at some wretched inn on the way. Meanwhile I suspect that this will be my last letter from <name type="place" id="2176" ref="89">Milan</name>. If, in spite of everything, I`m still here in a week`s time, I`ll report back to you in more detail; if you don`t receive a letter, it`s a sign that we`ve left, as it`s not easy to find an opportunity to write letters on a journey, especially as I`m travelling via <name type="place" id="2177" ref="91">Brescia</name>, whereas the post from <name type="place" id="2178" ref="89">Milan</name> to Germany goes via <name type="place" id="2180" ref="74">Mantua</name>. <ref type="footnote" id="fn0" n="1"></ref> As for Mistress <name type="person" id="2181" ref="4232">Mitzerl</name> of the <name type="place" id="4458" ref="281">Tanzmeisterhaus</name>, give her my best wishes and ask her to be patient until I return as such a short space of time won`t make any difference. I`m sure we`ll then come to some agreement, which is surely not impossible . <ref type="footnote" id="fn1" n="2"></ref> She`ll no doubt be able to wait this short space of time. There was an unfortunate accident at a performance of the 2nd <name type="work" id="4459" ref="36">opera</name>, which is being beautifully staged at great expense, when the 2nd main dancer, <name type="person" id="2183" ref="4233">Salomoni</name>, sprained his corda magna, twisting it so badly that he won`t be able to dance for the whole of the carnival and causing great problems for the ballet <hi rend="underline"><name type="work" id="4460" ref="46">Giasone e Medea</name></hi>. More on this in person. - - I`d be grateful if you could find a moment to speak to H[i]s Ex[cellency] the <name type="person" id="2184" ref="1833">Chief Steward</name>, then to Hs E <name type="person" id="2185" ref="4216">Count Sauerau</name> or H E <name type="person" id="2186" ref="182">Countess Arco</name> and to give them my very best wishes and inform them of my indisposition, not least because people have already been asking about our arrival: I`ll certainly be leaving as soon as possible. Best wishes to all our good friends inside and outside the house, Wolfg. is writing a quartet, <ref type="footnote" id="fn2" n="3"></ref> and I`m happy to have written this. We kiss you many 100000000 times, and I am your old disabled<lb/> Mzt<lb/>You`ll no doubt have heard that young <name type="person" id="2188" ref="4204">Albertis</name> or, rather, his <name type="person" id="2189" ref="4059">wife</name> has inherited 200000 f. Her <name type="person" id="44461" ref="4059">brother</name> has died and left 600000 f. <name type="person" id="2190" ref="4062">Baron Piccini</name> has also inherited some 30000 f. [ We`re keeping well, thank God. I can`t leave as I`d like to wait for a courtier from <name type="place" id="2191" ref="95">Florence</name>. <name type="person" id="2192" ref="3565">Leitgeb</name> still hasn`t arrived. ] Meanwhile we must [ ensure that <name type="person" id="2193" ref="4216">Count Sauerau</name> remains our good friend. ]</div><div type="footnotes"><div type="footnotetext" id="fn0"> Here and in subsequent letters, Leopold fabricates (at least in part) excuses for delaying his return to Salzburg; see in particular letter 287, where he obliquely explains himself</div> <div type="footnotetext" id="fn1"> In the fall of 1773, the Mozarts rented from Maria Anna Raab an eight-room flat on the ground floor of the so-called <name type="place" id="002168" ref="000281">Tanzmeisterhaus</name> in the Hannibalplatz, Salzburg (now the Makartplatz)</div> <div type="footnotetext" id="fn2"> According to Bauer-Deutsch, v.328, and Basso, <hi rend="italic">I Mozart in Italia</hi>, 281, probably <name type="work" id="000437" ref="000000">K157</name>. This is not certain, however; see letter 264</div></div></body></text></TEI.2>
In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.