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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova / Insprugg.

Milan 16 January / 1773

Hs Grace has replied most graciously footnote1 and asked me to bring one or two things back for him. I`m now busy obtaining them and shall write to inform His Grace by the next post. We`re both keeping well, thank God; and my head has been fine except for a couple of occasions when I played at H von Mayer`s concert footnote2 - which is made up exclusively of Germans - and noticed that my head was flushed: by the next day I was suffering from the usual dizziness and other nonsense, just as I did every evening in Salzb. after a concert. Wolfg`s opera has now been given 17 times and will be performed some 20 or so times in all. Although it had been arranged for the 2nd opera to open on the 23rd inst., things are going so well that the impresarios, who had initially agreed on only 500, have already made more than 1000, so that the 2nd opera won`t be staged until around the 30th. I must be brief as I have other letters to write today. Best wishes to all our good friends inside and outside the house, I am your old
Madme and Mr d`Aste ask to be remembered to you, as do Sgr Germani and his wife. H Misliwetschek kisses Nannerl`s virtuoso hands, or so he told Wolfg. Also from Mademoiselle de Amicis and her little Sepperl, for she`s been married for more than 5 years. [ As for the matter we`ve already discussed, there`s little hope. God will help us. ] Just [ save some money ] and be [ of good cheer, for we must have money if we mean to travel. ] I regret [ every kreuzer spent in Salzburg ] . So far we`ve had no [ reply from the Grand Duke ], but we know from a letter from the [ Count, who wrote to ] H Troger, [ that there`s little hope of our making any headway ] in [ Florence ] . But I still hope that he`ll [ at least recommend us ] . footnote3 Farewell, we have to go out now, the carriage is at the door. The confused letter from H von Hefner and H von Schiedenhofen, to whom we send our best wishes, will no doubt turn out to be complete and utter nonsense. I`ll certainly not worry my head over it.


I for have the primo a uomo motet write to which tomorrow at the Theatines` performed will be. Well keep, I you beg. Farewell. Addio.
I sorry I no news to good fare I Mama`s I Am that have best wishes all my friends well kiss hands kiss you and like your brother a thousand times remain ever faithful Milan
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