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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova / Insprugg.

Milan 9 January / 1773

The fact that you`ve received no letter from me on one post-day will be a mistake on the part of some post office or other as I`ve written to you every post-day, so you needn`t worry - it`s easy for letters to go astray. I too recently received a letter from you that was a whole post-day late. The opera is going incomparably well, thank God, so that the theatre is amazingly full each day, even though people don`t normally go to the first opera in large numbers unless it`s particularly successful. Arias are encored every day, and the opera has gained in popularity with each performance, winning more and more acclaim from one day to the next. footnote1 Indeed, Count Castelbarco has even presented my son with a gold watch and a beautiful gold chain, to which is attached a sedan chair and a gold lantern. So you can have yourself carried in the chair and get Bölzlmayr to light the lantern. You didn`t tell me that Hs Eminence Prince Colloredo was dangerously ill in Vienna. For more than a week we`d been told that he was dying, but now we`ve been told that he`s somewhat better. People will no doubt have kept quiet about this in Salzb. so as not to disrupt the concerts and the arrangements for the opera. footnote2 I`m surprised that H Leutgeb didn`t leave Salzb. sooner if he was really planning to do so. I don`t yet have any plans to leave here: it may be towards the end of the month as we want to hear the second opera too. We`re both keeping well, praise be to God. My head has been much better for some time now. It got much colder two days ago, and now we`re enjoying the most beautiful weather. H & Mdme von Aste, H von Troger, H Germani & his wife & Sgr Maestro Misliwetschek all send their best wishes and look forward to seeing you. Co Castelbarco in particular asked me to pass on his good wishes. Best wishes to all our good friends inside and outside the house, we kiss you many 10000000 times, and I am your old
How is H Joseph Hagenauer? footnote3 Give him our best wishes.


If you see Madame d`Aste and H Troger and H and Fr Germani, please give them my good wishes. H von Schidenhofen, H Hefner and other good friends of flesh and bone have also asked me to give you their best wishes, especially the Court Chancellor`s wife. I`ve no other news except that Count Saurau has been made cathedral dean. Addio.


[I`ve received news from Florence that the Grand Duke has received my letter] and given it some thought and sent [us news], we`re [very hopeful]. footnote4
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