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Milan 12 Dec. 1772
Your letter of the 4th footnote1 arrived today. We`re both well, thank God, especially myself. Wolfg. will have his plate full during the coming week, while this letter is making its way to Salzb, as these blessed theatre people leave everything till the last minute. The tenor, who`s coming from Turin, is from the Chapel Royal and is expected on the 14th or 15th. Only then can his 4 arias be written for him. Sgra de Amicis sends her wishes to you both, she`s extremely pleased with the 3 arias that she has at present. Wolfg. has included passages in her main aria that are new and very special and incredibly difficult, but she sings them amazingly well, and we`re the best of friends and on terms of great intimacy with her. I`m writing with a poor quill and ink. Wolfg. has the good ink. He`s writing at another table. If you write again, just add a few words to Mdme d`Aste on the envelope, for example: - - Forgive me, dear Madme, for taking the liberty of enclosing letters to my husband. I know that you`re always bumping into each other and that you and your husband have been extremely kind to him. Best wishes from me and my daughter. I hope that I may be of some slight service to you if ever you should be in Salzb. The first rehearsal for the recitatives was held this morning. The second will take place when the tenor arrives. It had been raining constantly, but the last 3 days have been fine and not at all cold. We still haven`t lit a fire in our room. That Wolfg. didn`t give the minuet footnote2 to Frl Waberl footnote3 was an oversight for which she will forgive him when she recalls that he`s a careless person who easily forgets things. But it was entirely natural for him to remember Frl Barisani . footnote4 There`s no need to explain the reason for this. Best wishes to all our good friends inside and outside the house in Salzb., we kiss you both as often as you like, with the most sincere assurance that even unto the cold grave I shall remain, unceasingly, your
admirer LMzt
How`s Mdsle Zezi? Is she still having lessons? And is she keeping Nannerl busy? - - Best wishes to Nannerl, tell her to practise hard and to show both application and patience in teaching little Zezi. I know it`s for her own good if she gets used to showing someone else what to do with great thoroughness and patience. I have good reasons for saying this.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.