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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova / Insprug.

Milan 5 Dec. / 1772

We`re well |: thank God:|, even though I`m writing with a bad quill, as Mdme d`Aste, who sends her best wishes, only ever has bad quills. Even as I`m writing this, we`re all laughing at the opening of this letter. H von Cristani is just this minute driving into the courtyard! And the post still hasn`t arrived from Germany because the roads are so bad - even Sgra de Amicis, who sends her best wishes to the two of you and also to H Adlgasser, didn`t arrive until late yesterday evening, her journey from Venice to Milan in a mail coach with 6 horses took a week, as the roads are under so much water and s-t. Another misfortune has befallen the poor tenor, Cordoni, who is so ill that he can`t come. And so the theatre secretary has been sent to Turin by special post-chaise and a courier to Bologna to find another good tenor, who must not only be a good singer but, more especially, a good actor with a fine presence in order to play the part of Lucio Silla with distinction. footnote1 Given the fact that the prima donna arrived only yesterday and the tenor still isn`t known, you`ll easily appreciate that the bulk of the opera and, indeed, the main part of it hasn`t been written yet. But from now on things will be getting serious. - As for the manuscript paper for H Rhab, you can give him all of it: I`ll get some more. But you must keep the smaller-sized paper. footnote2 You want us to write a lot? - But what are we supposed to tell you? - This is everything I can tell you. - There`s nothing to report here that affects you in any way, though it may be news to you that Mdssle Domanök married a captain from Vienna and went to meet her maker while giving birth to her first child and as a result is now as dead as a doornail. Who do you think we met here? - Oh, I`ve already told you. I remember: it was the famous dancer Bellardo, whom we saw in The Hague and Amsterdam. Is Kapellmstr Lolli still beating time at the cathedral? - - As for the music that the bellows blower was asking for, you were right to give him the answer that you did. Best wishes from us both to all our good friends in the promised land of Salzb., we kiss you 10000000 times through the damp air, as it`s raining here at present, & I am
your old


I still have 14 numbers to write, and then I`ll have finished. Of course, the trio and the duet footnote3 can be reckoned as 4 pieces. I can`t write much as I`ve no news and, secondly, I don`t know what I`m writing as I can`t stop thinking about my opera and am in danger of writing not words but an entire aria. H and Fr Germani ask to be remembered to Mama, to you and to H Adelgasser. I`ve learnt a new game here in Milan, it`s called Mercante in fiera. footnote4 As soon as I get home, we`ll play it. I`ve also learnt a new language from Fr von Taste, it`s easy to speak, but difficult, if not impossible, to write, it`s also a bit - - - childish, but suitable for Salzburg. Addio, farewell. Best wishes to all our good friends. Kind regards to our beautiful Nanny and to the canary, for these two and you are the most innocent creatures in our house. I expect that Fischietti will soon be starting work on his opera buffa, |: in German :| his silly opera . footnote5 Addio. I kiss Mama`s hand.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.