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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova / Insprugg

Milan 28 Nov. / 1772

Your letter of the 20th footnote1 arrived safely today. You want me to write a lot, but what am I supposed to write? - Our best and most important news is that we`re both well, thank God. Otherwise there`s nothing else to report, as many and, indeed, most people are in the country and won`t be returning to town until Christmas, when the theatre opens. Even the Archduke is out of town. As for my headache, I get it only occasionally, and I notice my dizziness only for a few moments when I turn over or raise myself up in bed at night. Otherwise I have a good appetite, and when I eat I`m the healthiest of men. We eat only once a day, namely, at 2 in the afternoon. At night we have an apple, a piece of bread and a small glass of wine. I`m writing this at the home of Mdme d`Aste, who sends you her best wishes. Mr d`Aste has asked me to say how annoyed he is that you didn`t send him your own good wishes, as I opened your last letter there and read it out to him. We were all delighted to hear that Co Sauerau has been made cathedral dean. We`d not thought that he would because we assumed that he wouldn`t accept it. Please give my best wishes to Kapellmeister Lolli and thank him for the Cecilia money. footnote2 I`d never have expected this. We were also delighted to hear that one poor soul had been released from the monastery. Such things will now happen more and more often. As for the music, footnote3 you were right to act as you did, the H Kapellmstr footnote4 will write some symphonies. Please thank all our good friends for their kind congratulations and give them my humble good wishes. I mentioned the holiday-making horn player in my recent letter, best wishes to him. It`s not cheap here, but one has to cut one`s coat accordingly. For lunch we have to pay 36 xr per person, making 1 f 12 in local currency for 2. Conversely, we eat only once a day, but well. De Amicis will be leaving Venice today and will therefore be here in a couple of days. We`ll then start work in earnest, until now not much has happened, Wolfg. has written no more than the first aria for the primo uomo, but it`s incomparably good, and he sings it like an angel. Addio. Farewell. We kiss you many 100000 times, and I am your old


We both congratulate H von Aman, but please tell him from me that I`m annoyed that he`s always made a secret of it whenever I said anything to him about his fiancée, I`d have thought he`d be more honest. H and Fr von Germani have asked me to give you their best wishes, they`re sorry that they can`t be with you. Something else: tell H von Aman that if he`s planning a proper wedding, he should wait till we get back so that what he promised may come true, namely, that I should dance at his wedding. footnote5 Farewell. I kiss Mama`s hand. Best wishes to all our good friends. [ Tell H Leitgeb that he should just come to Milan, he`ll certainly do himself credit, but he should come soon. ] Tell him. I`m very keen that he should come. Adieu.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.