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Milan 21 Nov. / 1772
We`re hale and hearty, thank God, like fish in water as it`s been raining incredibly heavily, day and night, for the last week, so it`s no wonder that we`re still waiting for the post that should have arrived today. Apart from the heavy rain and the wind, there was a violent thunderstorm during the night of the 19th to the 20th, starting with lightning at 10 at night and lasting without a break until 4 in the morning, with lots of violent thunder. For my own part, I was woken by a violent clap of thunder at 2 and then again after 5 but fell asleep again straightaway, whereas Wolfg., having fallen asleep around 12, heard none of the rest of the storm. We`ve got far better rooms than we`ve had in the past, more beautiful, more comfortable, even closer to the theatre and as a result some 50 yards from Mdme d`Aste, who has lent us a few good pillows as these Italian bacon rinds are too hard for us. I should add that whereas our previous bed was 9 spans wide, the present one is 10 spans. footnote1 I don`t doubt that you`re well. Today is our wedding anniversary. footnote2 It must be 25 years since we had the excellent idea of getting married - - although we`d had the idea many years before that. All good things take time! The primo uomo, Sge Rauzzini, has now arrived, so there`ll be more for us to do and things will start to liven up. But there`ll also be no lack of the little dramas that are usual in the theatre, and yet these are mere trifles! The figs that H Joseph gave Wolfg. when we left were as miraculous as the loaves and fishes in the Gospel, as we were still eating them at our evening meal yesterday, a meal that consists of nothing but grapes and bread and a glass of wine. Best wishes to all our friends. The day is short! There`s a lot to do, if it`s not work, it`s just chores. We kiss you - - as often as you want - - and, together with Wolfg., I am your old


Thanks, you know what for. I hope H von Hefner will forgive me for not having got round to replying to him. But it was impossible and it`s still impossible: as soon as I get back to the house, there`s always something to write, there`s often already something on the table, and I can`t write out of doors, in the street. If you see him, let him read the following and ask him to be satisfied with this for the present. I shan`t take it amiss that my worthless friend hasn`t replied, as soon as he has more time he will assuredly, doubtlessly, undoubtedly, certainly, unfailingly do so. Best wishes to all our good friends. I kiss Mama`s hands. Well fare and news me soon some send. The Germany from post hasn`t arrived yet.
always as am I
Milan à 2771 November 12 the footnote3 Mozart Wolfgang
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.