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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg

Milan 14 Nov. 1772

You`ll have received our letter footnote1 from Milan. Today we received 2 letters and a missive from H von Chiusoli all at once: in other words, 3 letters. footnote2 Wolfg. and I would like to thank everyone for their kind congratulations, footnote3 and both of us send our cordial best wishes to all our good friends. Nannerl translated Mart`s Ital letter of congratulations into excellent German. I`m extremely happy with the diary footnote4 and would ask you only to continue with it. After 3 days of travelling, my health is surprisingly good, considering our irregular habits, especially on the road from Verona to Milan. But now that I`ve been in Milan for almost a fortnight, a few trifling disorders are again making themselves felt, and there are times when I start to think about Salzburg, thoughts that - without my noticing it - preoccupy me for quite some time but which I then banish, or at least attempt to banish, more quickly than all the wicked thoughts that the devil inspired in me in my youth. footnote5 I`m sorry to hear about poor Winter. We`ll now need less wood in Salzb., with the result that things may become less expensive. H Hornung can now catch something if he`s not prescribed a bass from the West Indies . footnote6 None of the singers footnote7 has arrived yet apart from Sgra Suarti, who`s singing the 2do uomo, and the ultimo tenore. The primo uomo, Sgr Rauzzini, is expected any day now, but De Amicis won`t be arriving until the end of the month or early next month. Meanwhile Wolfg. has amused himself by writing the choruses, of which there are 3, footnote8 and by altering and partly rewriting the few recitatives that he had composed in Salzb. as the poet had sent the poem to Abbate Metastasio in Vienna for his approval, and the latter had improved and changed a great deal, while also adding a whole new scene in the 2nd act; footnote9 he`s now written all the recits and the overture. So H Leutgeb is planning to go to Rome? - - Am I to write to him to tell him that something can be done for him here? - - That`s a tall order! - - If he were here at the beginning of December, in other words, during the first few days of the month, he could be asked to accompany an aria at the opera. But once the arias are written, it`ll be too late. He ought to go via Bescia, where he could call straightaway on Count Lecchi, who`s an excellent violinist with a profound knowledge and love of music and with whom we`ve promised to stay on our return journey. It`s not so easy to give a public concert here, and without special patronage it`s not really profitable, and even then we`d be cheated of our takings. But he`d lose nothing and can lodge with us, so that he`d not have to spend anything on light & wood. I hear that Mr Baudace, the Frenchman, will soon be here with his French horn. Basta! He won`t lose anything. But he needs to be here in good time if he wants to be used in the opera. As a result, he`ll need to leave by the mail coach during the first 2 days of December in order to be here as soon as he can as the opera is to be staged on 26 Dec. But what about his leave of absence? - - - - Is there no one from the band in Lauffen? - - - Next time you write, address the envelope to Madame Marie Anne D`Aste d`Astiburg née Troger
Keep well, we kiss you many 100000 times, & I am your old
Write out the prescription for the hand cream and send it to me. The variations footnote10 are in my writing case, where I write. But Nannerl mustn`t give them to anyone else as they contain mistakes.
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