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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg

Bozen 28 Oct. 1772

Haven`t we travelled an incredible distance! We`re already in Bozen! On the first day footnote1 we reached St Johanns before 8, but the following day - a Sunday - there was no Mass earlier than 6 o`clock matins, so we didn`t get away till 7, with the result that it wasn`t till 10 that we reached Insprugg. We spent Monday in Insprugg footnote2 and in the afternoon drove to Hall to see the Roy Convent, where our guide was Countess Lodron, the sister of our chief steward`s wife. Wolfg. played the organ footnote3 in the church. By the 27th we`d travelled as far as Brixen, and we arrived here at noon today. We`re spending the night here, as otherwise we wouldn`t have reached Trent until very late at night in the most amazing rain, which started at midday, there being no other convenient accommodation on the way. With God`s help, we`ll be setting off for Trent at 5 o`clock tomorrow morning. While in this miserable town we`ve called on F Vincenz Ranftl at the Dominican Monastery. He`s keeping well and sends his best wishes to the whole of Salzb. Something always gets left behind. I bought a new diary and brought it with us, but we both left this year`s diary at home and so I`ll have to buy another diary for this year. It`s laughable. But it`s no laughing matter that I also left my seal at home, as I find this extraordinarily annoying. It seems that in spite of this delightful disorder I`m more or less fully recovered |: thank God :|. If travel is necessary to restore me to health, I may try to find a position as a courier or at least become a mail-coach conductor. Wolfg., too, is keeping well; he`s just writing a quartet footnote4 to pass the time. He sends his best wishes to all and sundry. Before we left, I added the copper engravings to 20 copies of my book and also sorted out a large number of engravings so that they just need to be inserted into the book at a later date. They`re now lying on top of the pile, you`ll find them at once. I was planning to sort them out but didn`t have time. If anyone were to insist absolutely on symphonies, footnote5 the ones that are ready must first be paid for and made a note of, so that we know what`s been handed out. H Estlinger could do this very quickly. Best wishes to all our good friends: farewell, we kiss you many 1000 times, & I am your old


We`re already in Botzen. Already? Only now! I`m hungry, thirsty, sleepy and lazy but well. In Hall we saw the convent, and I played the organ there. If you see Nannerl Nader, tell her I spoke to H Brindl |: her lover :| and that he sends her his best wishes. I hope you`ll have kept your word and that you visited D. N. last Sunday. footnote6Farewell. Let me have your news. Botzen is a pigsty. A poem about someone who became incredibly wild and cross about Botzen:
Should I ever come to Botzen again.
My cunt will surely suffer untold pain.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.