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Honourable and Most Respected Sir,
You will, I trust, permit me to have recourse to the expedient of writing to you on a certain matter. I have to order some wind instruments for our court and have come to trust in the work of a certain H Grenser of Dressden, whom I know only by name, a name I have seen on a number of flutes and oboes. It is a matter of some concern to me and to my honour that I should obtain a pair of well-tuned oboes and two bassoons as soon as possible, as a new prince will be elected on 9 March and I`m anxious that, because of the absence of the necessary address, the enclosed letter may arrive late or may not reach H Grensner at all: and so I would ask you as a matter of the utmost urgency to forward this letter to him as quickly as possible and, if it is not inconvenient to you to do so, to include with the letter a short of letter of recommendation, while at the same time letting me know the cost of sending the letter.
We returned from Milan on 15 Dec., and as my son again added to his reputation by writing the serenata for the theatre, he has again been asked to compose the first opera for next year`s carnival in Milan and, immediately afterwards, the 2nd opera for the same carnival at the Teatro San Benedetto in Venice . footnote1 And so we shall be staying in Salzburg until the end of this coming September before setting off for Italy - the third time we shall have been there.
If you wanted to publish something by my son, the best time would be between now and then: you`ve only got to say what you consider to be most suitable. It could be keyboard pieces or a trio for 2 violins and violoncello, or quartets, that is, with 2 violins, a viola and violoncello; or symphonies for 2 violins, viola, 2 horns, 2 oboes or flutes and bass . footnote2 In short, it could be any sort of piece that you think will make money, he`ll write anything as long as you can let us know soon. In the meantime my wife received the 78 fl 30 xr during my absence: footnote3 I remain in particular deference
Your Worship`s
Most Obedient Servant
Leopold Mozart m | p
Salzb. 7 February 1772
Have you had any more news of our friend Herr Grimm? - Have any of the portraits and sonatas been sold footnote4 ?
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