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Bologna 1 Sept. 1770
You`ll have received my letter of 25 Aug. Not only are we still in the country with Hs Ex Co Pallavicini but it looks very much as if we`ll be here for some time to come and then go straight to Milan via Parma. I`m very sorry not to be able to see Livorno, but I still hope to see Genoa - if we have time and I feel like it, we can go there from Milan. My leg has kept me in Bologna all this time, but it will soon be time to think of the recitatives etc. for the opera rather than of a long journey and of visits to various towns, for once we`re on the move, there`s nothing else we can do as we`ll have little or no time. In any case, this is the time of year when everyone has left for the country and their lordships are out of town. And so we`ll be arriving in Milan a little earlier than we need to, perhaps by a whole month. But continue to write to me in Bologna. On the 30th Hs Ex arranged for us to be driven into town by one of his servants in order for us to hear the Mass and Vespers at the Accademia Filarmonica that have been written by 10 different composers; one of them had written the Kyrie and Gloria, another the Credo etc., and so each psalm of the Vespers was set by a different Kapellmeister etc.: each of them beat time for his own composition; but they all had to be members of the Academy. footnote1 At midday we had lunch with H Brinsechi, who did us proud. Please sing his praises to H Hafner, to whom you should also give my best wishes. The weather is very mild, and the hot season is over. A few days ago we had a thunderstorm and an astonishing amount of rain, it was so sultry we could hardly breathe, but it was also the end of the heat. I`m very sorry to hear that prices are still rising in Salzb. What will become of all those of us who have to survive on our monthly income? - - - And the Electorate of Bavaria wants to have an archbishop in Munich? - - What an idea! - - And who is it to be? - Presumably the Bishop of Freysing? - - Otherwise the Elector would have to find ways of providing an income for a new archbishop; and where could he find this without stealing it from someone else? - - Salzb. will long be aware of the synopsis of opinions or sententiarum drawn up by the University of Vienna. - - The court in Rome won`t be particularly pleased by many of these points, especially the one that establishes that the Council is more important than the pope, which is as much as to say that the pope isn`t infallible. footnote2 We live in a century in which - if we live a little longer - we shall hear much that is new. Wolfg. enjoyed reading Nannerl`s long account, footnote3 he can`t write as he`s gone out with Hr E the Countess, while I`ve stayed at home to write some letters, including one to Milan. And so I must close. We kiss you both 1000 times and I am your old
Leop Mozart
Best wishes to all our friends inside and outside the house
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.