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Milan 24 or 23 Nov. 1771
We`re still here and will probably be here for another 8 days as the Archduke won`t be returning from Varese until Tuesday and will then speak to us. But, God willing, we still expect to be back in Salzb. during the first half of December - even if we break our journey on the way, we can still be back in Salzb. within a week. We`re well, praise be to God: send your next letter to me in Verona, I think it`ll be your last one, unless you receive another one from me in the meantime. The weather`s still cold, but fine - it hasn`t rained for a long time. H Marcobruni, in whose rooms I`m writing this letter, sends his best wishes, as do the Trogers footnote1 and Mr and Madme d`Asti. Today we received a visit from H Misliwetschek, who arrived yesterday and who`s writing the first opera. H von Mayr and H de Chiusolis likewise send their best wishes. We often see them, and yesterday there was a big concert at H von Mayer`s . footnote2 Best wishes to all our good friends, we kiss you 100 000 times, and I am your old


Dearest Sister,
Hr von älfen is in Milan and is still just as he was in Vienna and Paris. Some other news: H Manzoli, who`s usually regarded as the most sensible of castatros, has in his old age provided an example of his stupidity and arrogance. He was engaged for the opera for a fee of 500 cigliati, but because the scrittura didn`t mention the serenata, he wants another 500 cigliati for the serenata, in other words, 1000 cigliati in all. The court has given him only 700 and a beautiful gold snuff-box |: which I think is enough :| but as the castrato that he is, he returned the 700 cigl, together with the gold snuff-box, and left empty-handed: I`ve no idea how it will all end, though I think it will be badly. Otherwise I`ve nothing to report. I kiss Mama`s hand. Best wishes to our good friends. Addio. Farewell. I am your
true and faithful brother
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.