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Milan 2 Nov. / 1771
We`re very pleased to hear that you both enjoyed yourselves in Triebenbach footnote1 and that you were feeling much better when you returned home. I`ve been kept indoors for the last few days as I`m suffering from severe rheumatism throughout my whole body, though I`ve almost got rid of it simply by drinking elderberry tea. Among our medicines there was only a single sachet of black powder. Fortunately Fr von Asti has lots of it. And since there was only a single sachet of digestive powder and since she fortunately knows the recipe for it, she went to the pharmacy with Wolfgang, whom I`d sent to see her, in order to have some made up for me. But this is a completely pointless exercise because by the time you read these lines, I hope that not only shall I be fully recovered but that I shall also be ready to leave. On receipt of this letter, you should write, therefore, to Sgr Luggiati in Verona. I`ve already told you that the serenata won the palm. footnote2 Farewell, both of you, we kiss you many 100000000 times, and I am your old
I still have to write to Hs Ex Marshal Count Pallavicini, who has written me an uncommonly kind letter. footnote3


Papa said that Herr Kerschbaumer undoubtedly benefited from his journey and was suitably observant, and we can be sure that he behaved very sensibly. He`ll surely be able to give you a better account of his journey than others of his acquaintance, one of whom couldn`t see Paris properly because the houses there are too tall. It`s Hasse`s opera today; but Papa can`t leave the house, and so I can`t go. Fortunately I know absolutely all the arias by heart, so that I can hear and see them in my thoughts at home.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.