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[MILAN, 30 OCTOBER 1771]
Excellency! footnote1
Father and son humbly thank Y E for most graciously remembering us, and in reply to Y E`s wishes, I have the honour and pleasure of reporting that my son`s serenata met with the desired response and with universal acclaim, I cannot say more without incurring the charge of propria laus sordet, footnote2 I myself being the guide who in the present case speaks pro domo sua . footnote3 My son wrote it in Milan in 2 weeks, being unable to make a start on it as long as the poem was awaiting approval in Vienna, whence it arrived at the very last minute. Sgr Tibaldi, who did my son the honour of coming every morning to see him write it, can give Y E an authentic account of this.
May Your Excellency continue to show us such kindness, which is most precious to us, and in extending to Y Excellency as well as to Her Excellency the Sgra Contessa and to Your Most Ill Son our greetings and respects, I join with my son in declaring in all reverence and with all my heart that I am
Your Excellency`s
most humble and devoted
Leopoldo Mozart
Milan 30 October / 1771
In a year from now, God willing, we shall return to Milan, where my son will write the first opera for the 1773 carnival, after the first 3 performances of which footnote4 we shall make our way as quickly as possible by mail coach to Venice in order to write the second opera for the S Benedetto . footnote5
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.