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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova.

Milan 26 Oct. / 1771

Your letter from Triebenbach has arrived safely, footnote1 I`m glad you both enjoyed yourselves. Do give our best wishes to the whole of the Schidenhofen household, I`ll thank them in due course for the kindness they`ve shown you. Perhaps word of the great acclaim that Wolfg.`s serenata enjoyed has already reached Salzb., as young H Kerschbaumer, who`s here for a few days, was at the theatre two days ago, the 24th, and saw and heard Hs Roy Highness the Archduke and the Archduchess not only clapping so much that they caused 2 arias to be repeated but also leaning towards Wolfg. from their palco both during the serenata and, more especially, after it. By calling out Bravissimo Maestro and by clapping, they showed him their kind approval, their applause on each occasion being repeated by the nobility and all the townsfolk. Today it`s the opera, there was nothing yesterday because it was Friday. Tomorrow and the day after, namely, Sunday and Monday, there`ll again be the serenata. There was a serious accident on the 24th. There was a cuccagna |: this refers to the distribution of free food and wine etc., as I shall explain to you in person :| and as a result palchi had been set up to allow people to watch. One of these stands collapsed, with the result that not only were more than 50 people seriously injured, but many broke arms and legs, others their hands and feet, others their backs, others a number of ribs etc., some had holes in their heads and 2 women were killed outright, namely, the 2 sisters of H de Dominicis, who came to see you with H von Troger; a cleric died soon afterwards, and many others are critically ill. Fortunately we arrived there very late because H von Zinner, the chamber furrier, was late in sending the court carriage, so that H Germani and his wife went to sit in the court stand beside the Archduke, as did the two of us. If we`d arrived any earlier, we`d all have gone to the stand that collapsed, as it was facing the prince and, being even closer to the cuccagna, was in a good position. This accident happened early on in the proceedings, even before the stand was completely full, otherwise there would have been 30 or 40 additional injuries. Let us thank Almighty God! We`ll never set foot in a stand again. You can see that what I told you in my previous letters footnote2 is true and that you must believe me when I say that on occasions like this there`s very little that can be seen without danger. In due course I`ll tell you in person about the accidents that occur here on a daily basis. The Archduke and his wife are well and very happy, which will be a source of particular pleasure to Hr M the Empress as people were concerned that he would not have been pleased with his bride because she isn`t beautiful: but she`s uncommonly friendly, agreeable and virtuous and as a result she is loved by everyone and has very much won over the Archduke as she has the kindest of hearts and the most agreeable manners in the world. Keep well, we kiss you both 100000000 times, and I am, as always, your
Best wishes to all our good friends etc. If you need clothes, have some made, neither you nor Nannerl should go without basics: what must be, must be. And don`t buy poor-quality goods, for poor-quality goods don`t represent a saving. Have a beautiful dress made for you for the holidays, and wear the clothes that were made for you in Vienna every day. But nothing woollen: that`s not worth a fig.


Dearest Sister,
I`m well, praise and thanks be to God; my work is now finished, and so I have more time to write, except that I`ve nothing to say as Papa has already told you everything. I`ve no news apart from the fact that the numbers drawn in the lottery were 35, 59, 60, 61 and 62 and that if we`d picked these numbers we`d have won, but because we didn`t pick them we neither won nor lost but had a good laugh at other people. Of the 2 arias that were encored in the serenata, one was sung by Manzoli, the other by the prima donna, Gireli. I hope you`ll enjoy yourself in Triebenbach and do some shooting footnote3 and |: weather permitting :| walking. We`re now going to the opera. Best wishes to all our good friends, Baron Depin often calls on the Mademoiselle who plays the keyboard and so we often see him. I kiss Mama`s hand. Farewell. I am, as always, you faithful brother
P.S.: Sorry about the messy writing, but I`m in a hurry.
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