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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova

Milan 12 Oct. 1771

As far as Italy is concerned, Chaplain Troger has certainly made your mouth water, and there`s no doubt that for people who haven`t seen as much of the world as you have, there`s a lot to see here; but for you, it would be nothing special, and Italy will always be here; if people want to see things now, they`ll have to snatch the opportunity as best they can and see them in extreme discomfort and even at the risk of their lives if they want to satisfy their curiosity. footnote1 When I have more time, I`ll write and tell you about some of them. In general, the aim is to entertain the masses. Horse racing: laying out a park on a wide street with green avenues: distributing a vast quantity of food to the people: marrying off 100 peasant girls and giving them a public banquet on the said avenue laid out on the public street: these are the things that it may cost an arm and a leg to see. The Archduke, his fiancée, the court, the theatre etc. are things that are here to stay and can be seen at any time etc. - - The 4th rehearsal of the serenata took place yesterday in the theatre, tomorrow will be Sgr Sassone`s 7th rehearsal, and on Monday there will be Wolfg.`s final rehearsal to try out the scenery etc. Baron Duping tells us that he accompanied Nannerl on the violin. The Duke of York is already here. Also a Prince of Saxe-Gotha. The Hereditary Prince, namely, the bride`s father, has also arrived, as has her mother. Co Sauerau is here too. The whole place is teeming, and it will be impossible to see anything except in the greatest discomfort. The most admirable arrangements have been made to ensure that commoners aren`t allowed to bear swords or any other weapons and that everyone must be clearly identified at the gates and that all householders must provide a special commission with a description of their tenants. No one may go about the streets at night without a light. Soldiers and sbirri footnote2 are patrolling the city, which is surrounded by hussars etc. etc. People have to have tickets not only for the opera, serenata and ball but also for the court banquet and all the other spectacles etc. etc. I must close, as we have to look over the 2 copies of the full score of the serenata that have had to be prepared in a hurry for Hs M the Emperor and for the Archduke footnote3 and that now have to be bound as there`s a lot to correct, Italian copyists being so shockingly negligent. We kiss you both many 100000 times, and I am your old
Best wishes to everyone - -
The Archd will be arriving on the evening of the 15th, then there`ll be the wedding and after the wedding the kissing of hands at court, then 2 hours of music, then the banquet etc. - the opera is on the 16th, the serenata on the 17th. There`s nothing on the 18th, 19th and 20th as it`s the anniversary of the death of Hs M the Emperor. On the Monday it`s the serenata etc. etc.
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