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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par / Mantova

Bologna 25 August 1770

I wrote to you on the 21st; footnote1 I assume that if letters to Germany are held up in Insprugg as long as letters from Germany, you may well have received 2 letters at once. We`re still in the country and, praise God, in good health, so I`ve no news for you. You mustn`t be worried if a letter doesn`t arrive on time, because when people are out of town, they often lack the opportunity to write or post letters. Meanwhile, continue to write to me in Bologna, even though by the time you receive this letter we may well be on the point of leaving here. We`re enjoying the most beautiful weather, neither too hot nor too cold. There`s a Dominican priest here, a German from Bohemia, to whom our court sculptor used to confess, and so we performed our devotions in the Parish Church today, which was all the more convenient in that this priest went with us, so we were entirely on our own in the church |: because the peasants attend early Mass :| - we confessed and took Communion, performed the Stations of the Cross together and then returned to the castle, which is only 200 yards away and where he said Mass and the usual Rosary for their lordships at noon. You should have a couple of beautiful gold halos made for us in Salzb., for we`ll certainly return home as saints. Herr von Mölck has honoured me with a letter. footnote2 Wolfg. and I send our best wishes, I know he`s too sensible to take it amiss that I`ve not replied to him. He knows that anyone undertaking a journey has a 1000 things to think about. A borrowed loan should come laughing home and Better late than never are 2 proverbs that may help him to get over my negligence. My leg or, rather, my legs are better, thank God. The leg that I injured is still bandaged near the ankle, though more as a precaution than from necessity as the leg is still slightly swollen each evening, which is hardly surprising as I`ve been unable to take proper care of it during our journey; and then it got no exercise for 3 whole weeks and almost all the skin peeled off. I can no longer see the funny side of all this, especially as I`m travelling: indeed, I didn`t want it on this occasion either. I keep thinking of some way of lightening my luggage, which is getting increasingly bulky, especially since I`ll be picking up various things that I left behind in Milan. If I can forward a few items to Botzen, I`ll certainly do so, although I very much doubt whether this will be possible. In particular, the books and music are continuing to grow vis[ibly] and causing me a great deal of trouble. footnote3 As soon as I reach Milan, I`ll have to have almost all of Wolfg.`s cravats and shirts altered, but until then he`ll have to be patient: Frau Theresia, the wife of Count Firm`s steward, can do this for me there. Everything is getting too tight for him, and the silk threads on his diamond ring have been removed, leaving only a little wax inside it. footnote4 But you mustn`t imagine that he`s grown much taller, it`s just that his limbs are getting bigger and stronger. He no longer has a singing voice: it`s disappeared completely; he`s neither low notes nor high ones, not even 5 that are pure. This really annoys him as it means he can`t sing his own pieces, even though he`d often like to do so. footnote5 The book |: my violin tutor :| still hasn`t arrived in Bologna. footnote6 Perhaps H Brinsechi will receive it in a bale of linen? - - Please ask H Hafner and give him my best wishes. Had it arrived here, I`d have had the pleasure of handing it to P Martino in person. I must close now so as not to miss the post. We kiss you and Nannerl 1000 times, and I am your old
The letters still haven`t arrived from town today, and so I haven`t received one from you, but I hope they`ll be here this evening. We both send our best wishes to all of you
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