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Milan, 7 Sept. 1771
Heaven has finally refreshed us with a little rain during the last day or so. I`ve received your few lines; it was most efficient of you to write so little on the first side and nothing at all on the second, as so many 1000s of characters could make a letter so heavy that 6 horses would be needed to transport it to Milan. Heavens! What needless expenditure! Blank pages are always cheaper to transport than ones that have been written on. I`ll reply to my brother footnote1 directly in Augspurg. I shan`t get involved in their worthless dealings. We now have other things to think about as the libretto was late arriving and until 2 days ago was still with the poet so that odd changes could be made. I hope it`ll turn out well: but Wolfg. now has his hands full as he also has to write the ballet that links together the two acts or parts . footnote2 I wasn`t especially surprised to hear that Archd Maximilian has become a canon: ever since I got back from Italy I`d been telling everyone in Salzb. that it would happen. The rest will follow: just be patient! I`m sorry that I can`t tell you everything. Salzburg isn`t the only object of this initial step! - - - - - footnote3 I hope you`re both keeping well, and I have no doubt that Nannerl will continue to take her herb soup now that she`s discovered that it`s good for her. If Secretary Troger is still in Salzb., you should give him a couple of boxes of Hans Spielmann`s famous pills, footnote4 but if, as I assume, he`s already left, then you should make enquiries in the inns and at the post, as there will undoubtedly be others travelling through Salzb. to Milan: and anyone will take them with them, it`s enough for you to address it: c/o Hs Ex Count Firmian or al Illmo: Sgr: Padre: Colldssmo: il Sgr: Leopoldo Troger Secretario Reggio nello Stato Stato della Lombardia à Milano in Casa di S: Ecc: Il Sgr. Conte di Firmian.

I need these pills as I know that they`re effective whenever I suffer from dizziness as a result of constipation. I`ve had it quite a lot since leaving Salzb., though not so badly that I`ve vomited or been obliged to remain in bed. I`ve now been taking the pills for 3 days and can feel that my head is clearer. But unfortunately I`ve only 8 left. We kiss you many 1000000 times, and I am your old
Nannerl hasn`t written, and so Wolfg. isn`t writing either. Best wishes from us both to all our good friends. Have you received my salary for the month of August? -
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.