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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova
Milan 31 Aug. 1771

This is the fourth letter you`ll have received from me. footnote1 In this one I must praise my sedia, which has success survived this journey, and even though we rattled over the biggest stones at breakneck speed on the Venetian roads from Verona and even from Peri, I didn`t feel the least discomfort, although I had to have 2 straps fixed to one of the two front wheels as the incredible heat had completely dried out the wood and it made little or no difference that I kept moistening it with water. The weather was mild until we reached Botzen, but from there to Insprugg it was cold rather than hot, and when the sun did occasionally come out, it produced mist, which hung in the air and came down as rain, so that during our first night`s encampment in St Johanns I took my flannel undergarment from our night-bag and put it on but removed it at noon when the horses were being changed at the first post-stage outside Botzen. Since then it`s been warm, and I`m only afraid that it will rain heavily during the marriage, something that would certainly be most unwelcome on the occasion of celebrations such as these. The poem has finally arrived, but Wolfg. has so far written only the overture, namely, a somewhat extended Allegro, followed by an Andante that has to be danced but by only a few people, then, instead of the final Allegro, he`s written a kind of contredanse and chorus that will be sung and danced together. He`ll have quite a lot of work this month. Sgr Hasse arrived yesterday evening. We`re now going to call on him. We visited H R Highness the Princess, who was not only kind enough to speak to us for some time and to accord us the friendliest reception but, remarkably, she rushed over to us as soon as she saw us, removed her glove, held out her hand to us and even from a distance had already begun to speak to us before we had time to address her. Hs Ex Count Firmian will be arriving in Salzb. later than expected, and it must mean a lot if he`s now in Salzburg. Please ask H Secretary Troger to find an opportunity for you to call on Hs Ex, we have good reason to be grateful to Hs Ex and are also much indebted to H Troger. Hs Ex`s steward, H Ferdinando Germani, has become the controller of Hs R Highness the Archduke and will take up his position when the Archduke arrives.

Don`t forget to send 100 copies of the violin tutor to H Breitkopf in Leipzig. Of these he has to pay 1 f 30 x each for the first 50. The remaining 50 are on commission at 1 f 45 x. These 100 copies have to be sent to H Schwarzkopf in Nuremberg, but I don`t know if it`s better to have them sent to Nuremberg by my brother Franz Aloys or, rather, to hand them to H Schwarzkopf at the forthcoming St Michael`s Market . footnote2 The latter seems preferable. You`ve got time to assemble 100 copies and ensure that nothing is missing. You should then entrust them to H Schwarzkopf at St Michael`s Market, well packaged and addressed to H Breitkopf and Son in Leipzig, and inform him that this is being done at the request of H Breitkopf. Then ask H Hagenauer to arrange a meeting for you. The 50 c come to 75 f, and H Breitkopf still owes me 2 or 3 f from the last payment, which you`ll find listed in the booklet on the large piece of paper as it`s the balance of the payment made by H Steinhauser. So it will come to about 78 f.

We would now ask you to give our good wishes to all our friends as we don`t have time for a whole litany. Farewell! We kiss you many 1000000 times, and I am your old


Dearest Sister,
All praise and thanks be to God, we`re in good health. I`ve already eaten lots of fine pears and peaches and melons for you. My only pleasure is to use sign language, footnote3 which I can do to perfection. H Hasse arrived here yesterday, we`ll be calling on him today. The libretto for the serenata didn`t arrive till last Thursday. I`ve nothing much to report. I would ask you to remember the other matter regarding which there`s nothing more to be done, you know what I mean. Best wishes from H Germani and especially from his wife, who is very keen to get to know you, also from Madame d`Asti and her husband and finally from me. Best wishes to all our good friends. I kiss Mama`s hand. Addio.
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