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Milan 24 / August 1771
We arrived here safe and sound just after 7 in the evening on Wednesday the 21st; we spent the whole of Monday with Sgr Lugiati in Verona, from where I wrote to you, so you`ll no doubt have received my letter by now. footnote1 On Tuesday we moved on to Brescia, arriving there at 3 in the afternoon and remaining there all evening at the insistence of some good friends footnote2 of the Lugiati family |: to whom I`d brought several hundred florins from Lugiato :|, and it wasn`t until Wednesday morning that we left for Milan, breaking our journey in Canonico to have lunch with a carrier whom we know. I must tell you that the poem still hasn`t arrived from Vienna. It`s awaited with terrible eagerness, because until it gets here, it`s impossible to get on with making the costumes, preparing the scenery and altering the stage etc. The Archduke will be arriving in Milan on 15 October and will alight at the cathedral: in other words, he`ll go straight inside and get married, footnote3 there`ll then be the usual kissing of hands and afterwards a great supper, then good night! The celebrations start the next day, and I`ll tell you about them in due course; meanwhile I`ve seen 20000 pounds of wax candles waiting to illuminate the cathedral, court and much else besides on 15 Oct. We had lunch yesterday at Sgr Germani`s in the company of H Zinner, the furrier to the Imp Chamber, who`ll be returning to Vienna in 8 days` time and then coming back with the Archd. If you write, send the letter to me directly, I`ll collect it from the post, so until H von Troger gets back, you can address your letters Al Ill:mo Sgre: Pad:e Colendss:mo il Sgr: D: Leopoldo Troger. Secretario Reggio del governo della Lombardia à Milano.
H Ferdinando Germani, who is at present the Archd`s steward, has been appointed the imp couple`s controller and will take up his duties as soon as the court arrives. He and his wife send their best wishes, as do H von Aste and his wife. Keep well, we kiss you both many 100000000 times. With every good wish to all our friends, I am your


Dearest Sister,
We suffered a lot from the heat on our journey, and the dust was as impertinent as it was annoying, so that we`d have choked or died of thirst if we`d not been too clever for that. It hasn`t rained for a whole month here |: or so they say in Milan :| but today it started to drizzle a little but the sun is now shining again and it`s again very warm. I expect you to keep your promise |: you know what I mean . . . ., O you dear girl! :|, footnote4 please, I`ll certainly be in your debt. The princess recently had the galloping trots = the runs; otherwise I`ve nothing to report. Send me your news. Best wishes to all our good friends, I kiss Mama`s hand. I`m gasping with the heat! I`m now tearing open my waistcoat. Addio. Farewell!
There`s a violinist above us, another one beneath us, next to us there`s a singing teacher giving lessons, and in the last room opposite ours there`s an oboist. It`s great fun when you`re composing! It gives you lots of ideas.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.