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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg

Verona 18 August 1771

You`ll have received my brief letter from Botzen. footnote1 I now mean to write at greater length. The day of our departure was a real mess. In Kalterl we didn`t even sit down but ate a few slices of beef while the postilion gave the horses a little hay, and we washed it down with a measure of very good strong lager. footnote2 In Waidring we had some soup and drank some redcurrant wine footnote3 that wasn`t at all bad. We had supper in St Johann and on the 14th we lunched at the post-stage in Kundl and had supper in Innsprugg. On the 15th at midday in Steinach, at night in Brixen. On the 16th at midday in Botzen, at night in Trent. We arrived in Roveredo at 9 in the morning on the 17th, in the belief that we`d be in Verona that evening and surprise the two Piccinis footnote4 in Alla [sic] at noon. Indeed, we would have arrived there at midday if, first, we`d not spent too long with Baron Pizzini in Roveredo |: where we also saw Dr Bridi :| and hadn`t left till 11 o`clock and if we`d not encountered so many delays on the way: H Lolli, the famous violinist, came to see us, after which the postilions had to change the horses, not to mention the farmers` carts that caused us many delays on the narrow roads. As a result it wasn`t until around 1 in the afternoon that we arrived at the home of the 2 Piccinis in Alla ; and even before we`d arrived, I`d already decided to spend the night there as I didn`t dare go on to Verona, where they close the gates at Ave Maria, quite apart from which it was very hot and it was easier to go to church in our travelling clothes in Alla than it would have been in Verona. In Alla [sic] we whiled away the time with music or, rather, we whiled away our hosts` time, not leaving for Verona until 7 o`clock this morning, arriving at Sgr Luggiati`s at half past 12 and taking lunch at 1. Now that we`ve had lunch, everyone has gone for a siesta, and I`m using the time to scrawl this letter with a pitiful pen and in a heat that is by no means negligible. I also managed with considerable difficulty to persuade Wolfgang to sleep, but he slept for only half an hour. I should add that in my haste I forgot to bring with me some keyboard sonatas and trios for a good friend footnote5 in Milan who has been very kind to us. If H Troger comes to Salzb., please ask him to bring these with him and in the meantime get them ready. Nannerl should pick out the 2 trios, one by Joseph Haydn in F for violin and violoncello, and one in C that`s got Wagenseil`s name on it - note that it`s the one with variations, also Adlgasser`s in G, Wolfgang`s little cassation in C footnote6 and a few good sonatas by Rutini, such as the ones in E flat, in D etc. footnote7 Nannerl will still have them if she means to play them herself as they`re among the sonatas by Rutini that were engraved in Nuremberg. Give our best wishes to Mr Troger and ask him to introduce you to Hs Ex Count Firmian in order for you to pay your respects, we owe him a great deal. footnote8 Make sure you do this. I`ll write from Milan as soon as I can, keep well, we kiss you many 100000 times and I am
your old

Beautifully written!
Best wishes to all our good friends!


My dearest Sister,
I`ve slept only half an hour as I don`t like sleeping after a meal. You can hope, believe, think, be of the opinion, cherish the constant hope, find, imagine, flatter yourself and be confident that we are keeping well, but I alone can assure you that we are. I must keep this brief. Addio. Best wishes to all our good friends, male and female. Wish H von Hefner a safe journey and ask him if he`s seen Annamiedl.
Addio, keep well. Kiss Mama`s hand for me.
Beautiful handwriting! Wolfgang
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.