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[VENICE, 15 MARCH 1771]
Just as I have had the honour of serving your dear husband and your dearest son Herr Amadeus to the best of my modest abilities for a month here, so I can do no less than take the liberty of informing you that I have just had the pleasure of accompanying these dear acquaintances and good friends of mine to Padua with a good part of my family, where we then had to part company yesterday morning, praise be to God, we were well and in good spirits, they should arrive in Verona tomorrow evening, where they will not be staying for long, but will continue their journey to their beloved fatherland, may the good Lord be their constant companion and bring these dear, kind friends safe and sound to their own home, which I expect to hear about in due course with an uncommonly great desire, begging meanwhile that you kindly forgive me for making so bold as to send you these pitiful lines, while at the same time further craving your indulgence, in which expectation I also offer you my feeble services, no matter what may happen, so that you may indeed know that I feel only the most humble respect for you, with that of my dear wife, also for that most worthy Mademoiselle your daughter, in all devotion
Your most devoted and true servant
Johannes Wider
Venice 15 March

P. S. I`ve just received from Herr Hagenauer, to whom I would ask you to extend my good wishes, a letter for your most worthy husband that I shall forward to him tomorrow evening in Verona.
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