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Vicenza 14 March 1771
On Monday the - - no, you`re wrong! It was on Tuesday the 12th that we left Venice, but we`d let everyone think we were leaving on the Monday in order to have a day free during which to pack in peace; but the truth came out and we had to have lunch with Hr Ex Catarin Cornero, where we received a beautiful snuff-box and a two pairs of valuable lace cuffs to take with us on our journey. It was on the 12th, therefore, that we finally set sail; I took a borcello for myself, and H Wider, his wife and 2 daughters, Catharina and Rosa, and the Sgre Abbate drove with us as far as Padua. They took food and drink and all other necessaries with them, and we cooked and ate on the ship. We spent the 13th in Padua, where we stayed at the pallazzo of Signor Pesaro. I travelled on to Vicenza on the 14th, and they returned to Venice. In Padua we saw as much as can be seen in a day, for here too we were not left in peace, Wolfg. having to play in 2 different places. But he also got some work and has to write an oratorio footnote1 for Padua, which he can do as and when the opportunity arises. We also called on P[adre] Maestro Vallotti at the Santo and then on Ferrandini, where he also played; and finally he played on the very fine organ in the incomparable Church of San Giustino. We`ll be staying on in Vicenza tomorrow, the 15th, and not without good reason. On the 16th, God willing, we`ll go on to Verona, where we`ll no doubt remain for 3 days and not leave, therefore, before the 20th. On the 20th I`m thinking of setting off for Roveredo and then travelling as quickly as possible. As a result we`ll visit the holy graves in Reichenhall on Good Friday and from there travel on to Mülln, before performing the Alleluia with you on Easter Saturday at the latest. But if nothing detains us on our journey, we may arrive on Thursday. Perhaps I`ll be able to give you more definite news at some later stage on our journey. I`ve received your letter with the large seal. footnote2 I was told that a letter with a large seal was waiting for me and even before I`d set eyes on it, I was already assailed by a thousand different ideas as to what it might contain as I suspected that it was a letter from some high place.

Verona the 18th

We arrived here 2 days ago in the evening. We`re leaving the day after tomorrow and so, allowing for the occasional stop, we should be back on Good Friday afternoon or evening. Today I received your letter from Venice, with its enclosure from H von Schittenhofen, together with a letter from H Wider. footnote3 Yesterday we spoke with H Kerschbaumer, who sends his best wishes to his dear parents and who is hale and hearty. He accompanied us to H Lugiato`s, where we`re staying, and saw the fine company that had come to hear Wolfg. play, with the result that he too was a listener and attended this conversazione. He`s planning to go to Venice, and if I may give H Kerschbaumer not only my good wishes but also my advice, he should entrust him to H Johann Wider. This is the advice of an honest man, for I know what can benefit and harm young people, especially in Venice, which is the most dangerous place in the whole of Italy. Yesterday I received letters from Milan announcing one from Vienna that I shall receive in Salzb. and that will fill you with amazement but which will bring our son undying honour . footnote4 The same letter contained another very pleasant piece of news. footnote5 Farewell, all of you, we kiss you many 100000 times, and I am, as always, your old

Best wishes from us both to all our friends, especially to the decorator and carp[enter].
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