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Venice 6 March 1771
You have to thank H Wieder for this letter, since he`s making me write to you now that I briefly find myself with nothing to do after lunch and today is a post-day. We had a wonderful concert yesterday, footnote1 and for the last few days we`ve been so dreadfully tormented that I don`t know who`ll win the prize and have us perform for them. As a result, I shan`t be able to get away before Monday. But this is the day I`ve fixed for our departure from Venice. You needn`t worry that we shan`t be back in Salzb. by Easter; if I stay too long here, I`ll simply deduct those days from the time I spend elsewhere, where there is less and, indeed, next to nothing to detain us. We`re in good health, thank God; I`m only sorry or, rather, it`s a shame that we can`t stay here any longer as we`ve got to know the whole of the local nobility very well: at parties, at table, in a word, on all conceivable occasions, we`ve been showered with so many honours that we`re not only fetched from our house by gondola by a private secretary and accompanied home afterwards but often brought home by the nobleman himself, even by those who belong to the leading families such as Cornero, Grimani, Mocenigo, Dolfin, Valier etc. Who do you think I saw yesterday? - - The husband of the terribly famous soprano who gave that splendid concert at the tavern in Salzb., before having herself carried by sedan chair to the merchants` houses for her to beg for alms. He was wearing a red coat and sitting behind the door at the entrance to the concert in order to see how many members of the nobility were present. As I approached, he stood up to address me, as I pretended not to see him. He was delighted to see me in Venice and told me that his wife was having lessons with Maestro Boroni footnote2 and that she`d very much like to call on me, I was forced to tell him where we`re staying, but as soon as I got home, I gave instructions that if a man arrived with a woman or a woman on her own, they should be told that I wasn`t at home. After several days of beautiful weather, it`s now raining heavily. I hope it stops, otherwise we`ll have a dreadful journey from Padua to Vicenza. Basta! One must take things as they come, these are matters that allow me to sleep soundly in my bed, as long as we remain in good health. Once you`ve received this letter, you`ll hardly have time to write another, unless you address it to Insprugg, where I`ll enquire at the post. I can`t describe the honours that we`ve received from H Wieder: if we`re not invited elsewhere, we always dine at his house, and he sees to all our needs. He and his entire household send their best wishes to you and to the Hagenauers. Farewell, we kiss you 10000 times and I am your old

Best wishes to all our friends. I`ve received your letter of complaint, footnote3 which you sent to Milan; we left Milan at midday on the day on which the target-shooting practice footnote4 took place in the Eizenbergerhof and spent the night in Canonico.
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