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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart/ à / Salzbourg / p. Innsprugg footnote1

Venice 20 Feb. 1770 footnote2

Thank God, we`re all well and in good health. I`ve received nothing from you since your letter of the 1st, footnote3 so I don`t know if you`ve written or not. I`m once again writing this at H Wider`s, where I wrote the first letter that you`ll have received. We`ve already lunched here 4 times, his daughters are at present busy washing and repairing my lace cuffs, and the eldest daughter has presented Wolfg. with a pair of beautiful lace cuffs. I can`t speak highly enough of the honesty of these people, they all send you their best wishes, also to the whole of the Hagenauer household. If H Johanes always speaks so highly of the Wider household, I assure you that he can never do so enough; I too have some experience of people in this world, but I`ve met few - very few - like them; besides being obliging, honest, sincere and full of human kindness, they are also polite, well-behaved and not at all proud of the courtesies they perform. We shan`t be leaving Venice before the start of next month, but it remains the case that we`ll be back in Salzb., if not by the Feast of St Joseph, footnote4 at least by Passion Week and |: with God`s help :| by Easter. I almost wrote back home! but it struck me that we can`t stay at home. You must write and let me know whether we`re to lodge at the Sailerwirt, the Stern or the Saulentzl. I think it`ll be best if I take rooms at the Löchl, so I shan`t be far from the Hagenauers. We can`t continue to sleep on top of one another |: like soldiers :| - Wolfgang is no longer 7 years old etc. I`ve nothing else to report, except to say that we kiss you 10000000 times and live in the hope of seeing you soon in order to tell you in person that I am your old

We`ve already been for plenty of gondola rides. During the first few days the whole bed moved in our sleep, I kept thinking I was in a gondola.


I`m still in the land of the living and, all thanks and praise be to God, I`m keeping well: De Amicis performed here at S Benedetto`s. footnote5 Tell H Joanes that Wider`s pearls footnote6 are still talking about him, especially Madelle Catharina, and that he should come back to Venice very soon and submit to the attáca, in other words, have his backside spanked on the ground in order for him to become a true Venetian: they wanted to do the same to me, all 7 women at once, but they were unable to get me on the ground. Addio. I kiss my mother`s hand, best wishes from us both to all our good friends, farewell, amen.


We lunched with Sgr. Lugiati`s brother. Tomorrow we`re having lunch with Hr Ex Catharina Cornero, on Sunday with the Patriarch, on Monday with Hs Ex Signor Dolfino etc. Next week we`ll be lunching mainly with members of the aristocracy.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.