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Milan 2 Feb. 1771
I`ve received 4 letters footnote1 from you, whereas you`ll have had nothing from me for 2 post-days, but you`ll have assumed that we were prevented from writing by our visit to Turin. We returned safely from this beautiful town on 31 January, having seen a most splendid opera there. You`ll hear about it all in due course. In future write to H Wider in Venice. Today we had lunch with Hs Excellc Co Firmian. I`ve barely time to write as I have to pack. Kapellmstr Francesco de Majo has died in Naples and H Carattoli of Pisa has likewise departed this world. As for my brother, footnote2 I don`t know what to think or do. If he hopes to find work, there are enough people in Augsp. to give him a helping hand. Write him a letter and frank it and tell him that you`ve already sent him 20 f on your own account and that you don`t dare send any more without my foreknowledge; that I`m still in Italy and that you`ve received no letters from me for 3 weeks; and that if he hopes to improve his chances he will find people enough who`ll help him inasmuch as he`s working for many businessmen who must have a better understanding of his situation. In any case, I`ve already sent him 24 f, of which I made him a gift of 12 after he`d promised to repay the other 12 straightaway. But he hasn`t even paid me these, preferring instead to send his son to Salzb. As you know, I helped him, too. You can find an excuse, as I don`t want to throw my money away, we need it ourselves: people like him rely on this, and he shouldn`t expect to see another kreutzer of this money. Dr Bridi said nothing about the 2 concertos, footnote3 and so I don`t expect to see anything until he returns from his travels in July, as he`s gone to Naples and Rome etc. with Co Wolkenstein.
We hope to arrive in Salzb. in time for the Feast of St Joseph footnote4 or by Passion Week at the latest. Best wishes to the whole of Salzb. We kiss you 1000 times. I am your
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.