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Milan 12 January 1771
We shan`t be leaving for Turin until next Monday. I have to tell you that yesterday I heard from Sgr Pietro Luggiati, who informs me that our son has been elected a member of the Accademia Filarmonica of Verona and that the Cancelliere dell`Accademia is in the process of preparing the diploma . footnote1 Thank God, the opera has been attracting such audiences that the theatre is full every day. I`m writing again to remind you to buy some linen for shirts as I`m having the arms lengthened so that we can at least manage with his small shirts until we get home. H Wider has written to me from Venice, and I`ve already replied. Hs Ex Co Firmian has left for Parma, and since H Troger is with him and we`re now going to Turin, there`ll probably be some delay before we receive your letters. We kiss you many 100000 times, I`ve nothing to report but much to do as I have to write to half the world. I am your old


Dearest Sister,
I`ve not written for a while because I was busy with the opera, but I now have some time, and so I`ll pay greater heed to my responsibilities. People like the opera, all praise and thanks be to God, and the theatre is full every evening, much to everyone`s surprise, as many people had said that they`ve never seen such crowds at a first opera in Milan as there are on this occasion. Papa and I are in good health, all praise and thanks be to God, and I hope that at Easter I`ll be able to tell you and Mama everything in person. Addio. Kiss Mama`s hands for me. By the way, the copyist called on us yesterday and said that he`d just been asked to copy out my opera for the court in Lisbon. footnote2 Meanwhile, farewell, my dear Mademoiselle Sister. I have the honour to be and to remain from now to all eternity
Your faithful brother
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