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Milan, the 5th of January in the year that`s the same
at the back as it is at the front and double in the middle (1771)
I can hardly find time to write to you as we`re at the opera every day and as a result we don`t get to bed until half past 1 or even 2 o`clock at night as we also want to have a bite to eat afterwards and so we get up late the next morning, and the days, which are in any case very short now, become even shorter in consequence. We`ve so many calls to make that we don`t know how we`ll manage. On Thursday we had lunch with Madame von Asteburg, formerly Trogermariandl, who treated us to liver dumplings and sauerkraut, which Wolfg. had particularly asked for, as well as other wholesome dishes, including a splendid capon and a pheasant. Yesterday there was a small concert at H Exl Count Firmian`s, at which Dr Prittj sang a cantata and Wolfg. was given a new concerto to play, a piece as beautiful as it was difficult. He gave us your good wishes, told us everything that had happened and had nothing but praise for Nannerl. Today we`re again having lunch with H Excl; and on the 11th or 12th we`ll be going to Turin but will be staying there for only about a week, after which we`ll return to Milan, pack everything properly together and move on to Venice. But we shan`t be staying more than 4 days in Milan - just long enough to see the 2nd opera. Our son`s opera continues to enjoy universal acclaim and, as the Italians say, is alle Stelle! Since the 3rd performance we`ve been listeners and spectators, now in the stalls, now in the boxes or balchi, where everyone is eager to speak to the Sgr Maestro and see him at close quarters: throughout the performance we wander around, wherever we like, for the maestro is obliged to conduct the opera from the orchestra on only 3 evenings, when Maestro Lampugnani accompanied at the 2nd keyboard, but as Wolfg. is no longer playing the first one, Maestro Melchior Chiesa is now playing the second one. If anyone had told me some 15 or 18 years ago, when Lampugnani had written so much in England and Melchior Chiesa so much in Italy and I`d seen their operatic arias and symphonies, that these men would help in performing my son`s music and that, when he left the keyboard, they`d have to sit down and accompany that music, I`d have said that they were fools fit only for an asylum. And so we can see what Almighty God does with us humans if we do not bury the talents that He has most graciously given us. Write regularly every Friday and, as always, send your letters to H Troger until I instruct you otherwise. I`d very much like to know when His Grace, our most gracious lord, will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of his entry into the priesthood. footnote1 If you can find out when this is, write and tell me: I need to know for several reasons. I`m enclosing the local newspapers, footnote2 which I`ve just received. You`ll find the opera at the very end. Best wishes to the whole of Salzb. We kiss you 1000000 times and I am
your old

Please forward these newspapers to Hs Grace, you need give them only to Hs Exc the Chief Steward.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.