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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova

Milan 22 Dec. 1770

Happy New Year!
Although, with God`s help, I`ll be writing to you again this year, my letter will arrive a few days too late. The first stage rehearsal was on the 19th, having been preceded by one in the Sala di Ridotto on the 17th. It went very well, thank God; yesterday evening there was a rehearsal for the recits, and today, after Ave Maria, there`ll be a second rehearsal onstage, with the dress rehearsal on Monday. You know from this and previous letters that in all we`ve had 5 rehearsals, namely, one with only a few violins, a full rehearsal in the Sala di Ridotto and 3 onstage. I`ll write to you at once and tell you how the performance goes on the 26th. I`m comforted by the knowledge that the performers and orchestra are all pleased; and, thank God, I too still have ears. At the rehearsal I went to stand at the very back, beneath the main entrance, in order to be able to hear it properly at a distance. But perhaps my ears were too partial! Meanwhile we can see and hear that our good friends are happy and contented and delighted to be able to congratulate my son, while all those who were ill disposed are now silent. The greatest and most distinguished conductors in the city, namely, Sgr Fioroni and Sammartino, have complete trust in us and are our true friends, as are Lampugnani, Piazza, Colombo, etc. As a result, the envy or, rather, the disbelief and prejudice that some people felt towards our son`s composition can do him little harm, at least I hope he won`t have the same bad luck as Sgr Jomelli, whose second opera in Naples has been such a flop that there are even plans to replace it. He`s such a famous composer, and the Italians are making such a terrible fuss about him. But it was really rather foolish of him to undertake to write 2 operas for the same theatre within the space of a year, not least because he must have noticed that his first opera|: which we saw :| wasn`t a great success. At least you know that, starting on the 26th, we`ll be at the opera every evening from an hour after Ave Maria until around 11 or almost 12 o`clock, the only exception being Friday. In 2 weeks at the most I`ll be able to report on my journey to Turin. After that, things will move quickly, so that we can spend the last few days of the Carnival in Venice. Just arrange for H Hafner`s letters footnote1 to be sent on to a friend in Venice and let me know who has them. In the meantime I hope to hear something about a secure private apartment, NB a secure one, as I`ve no great love of staying at inns unless I absolutely have to. Farewell to you both, we kiss you many 100000 times and I am, as always, your old

Best wishes and a Happy New Year to all our friends.
Can you imagine Wolfg. in a scarlet suit with gold braid and sky-blue satin lining? The tailor is starting work on it today. He`ll be wearing this suit on the first 3 days, when he sits at the keyboard. The one that was made for him in Salzb. is too short by a standing hand, and certainly too tight and small.



Ask whether or not they`ve got this symphony by Mislievecek footnote2 in Salzbourg, because if they haven`t, we`ll bring it with us.
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