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Milan 8 Dec. 1770
The 2nd recitative rehearsal footnote1 is taking place today after the Angelus . footnote2 The first rehearsal went so well that only once did I have to take up my pen to alter a single letter and change della to dalla. This has done the copyist great credit and amazed everyone because |: as everyone says :| it`s normally necessary to change an astonishing number of words and notes. I hope things go as well at the instrumental rehearsals, which may already have begun by the time you receive this letter. As far as I can say without a father`s partiality, I think he`s done a good job and shown great intelligence. The singers are good. All now depends on the orchestra and ultimately on the whim of the audience. And so, a lot depends on luck, much as it does in a lottery. As for the Neapol stockings, give H von Mölk my very best wishes and tell him that the white Neapt stockings may be sturdy but that they are not at all beautiful. That is why most are dyed black. I don`t doubt that he`ll find them at H Kerschbaumer`s. If he`d said something while he was in Naples, I could have been of service to him. But, as I say, the white ones are coarsely woven, as he`ll see when he gets home, as I`m wearing some myself. You can find black ones everywhere: but whether they`re actually from Naples is another matter. They`re made from silk spun in a certain way, and this can be imitated anywhere. As for my brother, you can make arrangements with H Hagenauer for H Provino or someone else to send him a ducat in your name, as if you were sending it yourself, without me. I`ll repay him straightaway. I`m writing this in a hurry. We kiss you many 10000000 times, and I am your old

Best wishes to all our good friends inside and outside the house.
You were generous towards my brother! footnote3
I`ve just this moment received your letter. footnote4
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