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Milan, 17 Nov. 1770
In my last letter of the 10th inst. footnote1 I told you to thank all our good friends, male and female, for their well-meaning congratulations. But we`ve no reason to thank you and Nannerl because although you passed on the good wishes of others, your own remained stuck in your pen; and Nannerl was presumably unable to think of anything to say as she too wrote nothing: only in her last letter but one did she promise to congratulate her brother in her next letter. Thank God that I`m not the doubly strict late H Danner, in which case I would certainly have reported you to the town`s chaplain or even to the consistory as this is a worse insult than hanging a dirty kitchen apron on the cupboard, quite apart from being the principal cause of divorce. And it wouldn`t have required Nannerl to cudgel her brains to have written to me. - - But now it occurs to me! - Yes, she did send her brother her best wishes in Italian: I remember now. footnote2 When you have several other things on your mind, it`s impossible to think of everything. We`re in good health, thank God: Wolfg. recently had his usual tooth abscess on one side of his face, together with a slight swelling. - The prima donna is absolutely delighted with her arias. The primo uomo arrives next week. Between yesterday and today we weathered another storm; footnote3 and although there will no doubt be various other incidents, I hope that with God`s help all will go well: for an opera to be universally applauded is a stroke of luck in Italy and rarely happens because there are so many factions, and even a mediocre or a bad solo dancer has her supporters who combine to shout bravo and to make plenty of noise. Enough! Much of this is already behind us; and, with God`s help, even our present undertaking will end happily.
And so the parish priest at Sietzenheim has died of the same illness from which his brother Johannes, the organ builder in Wels, died many years ago, the only difference being that the latter was wasted physically and morally, having contracted consumption through over-drinking and, I believe, leaving his widow very little, whereas the parish priest is said to have died of dropsy and gangrene and will have left at least something to both the worms and his heirs. I`m sorry for him, he was an honest man and an old acquaintance and a good friend. Requiescat in pace! You recently asked if we were living far from H Troger. - We`re a quarter of an hour from Co Firmian`s house, and there have been very few days on which we`ve not walked over there after lunch in order to get some exercise, as I don`t like Wolfgang writing after his lunch unless it`s absolutely necessary. This evening we`re going out into the country with H Troger, about as far as Plain, footnote4 and we`ll be remaining there until Monday, he`s bought a vineyard and some fields out there and next spring he`ll be building a house there. In the meantime he`s rented one. I can`t think of anything else to tell you. We kiss you both 1000000 times and send our best wishes to all our friends inside and outside the house, and I am your old
Leopd Mozart

Is the congress already over? - - footnote5
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.