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Milan 10 Nov. 1770
The miscellany footnote1 from our good friends has arrived safely, and we`re very pleased to hear that you enjoyed yourselves in Triebenbach. Do give our very best wishes to Frau von Schiedenhofen and her worthy son and thank them once again, just as the two of us thank all our friends in optima forma and send them our sincere good wishes for the entertainment that they`ve given us with the letters they`ve sent us and for the poetry that far surpasses that of all German poets. We wish Herr Spizeder every happiness footnote2 but no parlour full of children as it`s now getting more and more expensive in Salzb. What`s his new wife called? - - Do I know her? - - I think I do! I`m only afraid that he`ll have worn himself out dancing at his wedding and got over-excited! If our good friends add the occasional joke to your letters, they`ll be doing us a favour as Wolfg. is now working on something serious and as a result has become very serious in turn; I`m glad if he occasionally gets his hands on something amusing. Please ask my friends to forgive me for not writing to them, but I`m now less in the mood to do so than ever, and in time you`ll be surprised to discover the kind of storm we`ve had to weather, something that requires presence of mind and constant thought. We`ve won the first battle, thank God, and defeated an enemy who brought to the prima donna`s house all the arias that she has to sing in our opera and tried to persuade her not to sing any of Wolfg.`s . footnote3 We`ve seen them all, they`re all new arias, but neither she nor the rest of us know who wrote them. But she said no to this evil man and is now beside herself with delight at the arias that Wolfg. has written according to her own instructions and wishes, as is her maestro, Sgr Lampugnani, who is rehearsing her part with her and who can`t praise Wolfg.`s arias enough. While we were with her today, she was just rehearsing her first aria with the maestro. But a second storm is gathering in the theatrical heavens, and we can already see it in the distance . footnote4 But I expect that with God`s help and if we remain good-natured we shall win through. But you mustn`t be surprised, these are unavoidable matters that even the greatest composers have to contend with. As long as we keep well and our bowels remain open, the rest is unimportant, we just mustn`t take things too much to heart. You`ll hear about it all in due course. It continues to rain here most of the time, and then there are thick mists which, even if we have one good day, return the next day. We kiss you both 1000000 times and send our good wishes to our friends inside and outside the house, and I remain your old
Leop Mozart

I don`t know if I told you that young H Kreuser called on us in Bologna. Young Kre├╝ser from Amsterdam, whose brother is the first violin there - he called on us constantly and wanted to travel with us. He asked after us in Rome and Naples, but on each occasion we`d already left. He`s now returning to Holland via Turin and Paris; he sends you both his best wishes.
I`ve just this minute received your letter of 2 Nov. footnote5 If you haven`t already sent off the 2 violin tutors, hang on to them and don`t send them off. Dr Britti of Roveredo is himself a good keyboard player. I know C Castelbarco very well. I`m writing this in the steward`s house at Count Firmian`s.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.