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À Madame
Madame Marie Anne Mozart
par Mantova

From the estates outside Bologna

11 Aug. 1770.
You`ll have received my letter of the 28th on the 4th, in other words, on the day after you wrote to me, and in the meantime you`ll also have received my letter of the 4th inst. footnote1 We arrived on these estates at around midday yesterday after hearing Mass in Bologna, it`s about as far from the city as Maria Plain is from Salzb. footnote2 We`ve finally been able to get a good night`s sleep, and I don`t need to describe the wonderful service here. You can imagine the rooms and the beds, the sheets are of finer linen than many a nobleman`s shirt etc., everything is made of silver, even the chamber utensils and nightlight etc. etc. In the evening we went for a drive in 2 sedias - Wolfg. with Hr Ex the Countess and the young Count, and I with Hs Ex the Field Marshal. We have a footman and a servant to wait on us, in other words, 2 people, and the footman sleeps in our anteroom so that he`s always on call, while the servant has to dress Wolfg.`s hair. H Ex has put us in the best rooms |: in Salzb. they`d be on the ground floor :| as these are the best in summer, when the upper rooms get very hot, so that we don`t feel the slightest heat during the day and even less so at night. Apart from our rooms, there`s the Sala Terrena where we eat and everything is fresh, cool and pleasant. The young Count, who is Wolfg.`s age and the only heir, is very talented, plays the keyboard, speaks German, Italian and French and has 5 or 6 tutors a day for lessons in various branches of knowledge and other exercises. He`s already an imp chamberlain. As you can well imagine, this young g and Wolfg. are the best of friends. We`ll be remaining here for a while - how long I don`t know. Perhaps for the whole of the month, until the worst of the heat is over. And my leg? - - It`s better, thank God. It`s completely closed, and the skin is gradually peeling off. But however much I try to avoid doing so, I have to use it during the daytime, with the result that by evening I have a slight swelling at the lower end, near the ankle, but this always goes away again during the night, and each day it grows less. Their lord- and ladyship never make me stand, but I always have to sit, with my leg resting on another chair. They even arranged 2 chairs for me for Mass in the chapel today. We have Mass every day before noon, when the young Count serves; after Mass, the Rosary, Litany, Salve Regina and De Profundis are said. You`re invited to enjoy the finest figs, melons and peaches! And I`m delighted to be able to tell you that we are keeping well, thank God. If I`d not removed the ointments and plasters, I`d have had a lot more trouble, as these drew all the salts and pus and water to them, and since the body is provided with enough of these liquids through its daily intake of food and drink, I`d have had to wait a long time for the end. If nature itself had made this opening, it would, of course, have been very bad to prevent such a discharge, but since it resulted from an unforeseen accident, it was enough - and more than enough - to have an open wound on my leg for more than 6 weeks. Let it be a lesson to everyone not to apply a plaster but to use only paper and urine in order to prevent pus from collecting. Give my regards to Kapellster Lolli and tell him that I shall, of course, pass on his own good wishes and that I`ve already spoken to a number of his old acquaintances. We forgot to congratulate Nannerl on her name day . footnote3 My leg brought back all my old melancholy thoughts. It`s very sad to hear that everything`s getting more and more expensive in Salzb. Is no thought being given to ways of dealing with these increases? - - Give my very best wishes to Herr von Schiedenhofen and his dear mother. I`ll be replying to his letter shortly. footnote4 I received all 3 letters at once today. I must close. Hs Exc`s letters are being sent into town, and so this one has to go with them. We kiss you and Nannerl 1000 times. Wolfg. has just gone for a drive with the Countess. We send our good wishes to all - to all etc. and I am your
old Mzt.
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