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Milan 3 Nov. 1770
You`ll have received my letter of the 27th. footnote1 I`ve received all your letters: footnote2 - as I write these lines, you`ll long since have returned from Triebenbach. footnote3 If it`s been raining in Salzb. as much as it has been here, you`ll have got very wet and possibly also very cold as it may also have been snowing with you, as it has been in the mountains around Bergamo, where even from here we can see the snow lying. Wolfg. thanks you, his sister and all his good friends for their congratulations on his name day footnote4 and hopes that if the good Lord allows us to see each other again, he`ll give you perfect pleasure and joy in everything you wished for him. For the special kindnesses that you received from the Schiedenhofen household, please give them my own especial thanks and our most humble good wishes at least until such time as I have a chance to do so in person. Otherwise I`ve nothing else to report except that |: thank God :| we`re in good health and wish that it were already the New Year or at least Christmas because until then there`s always something to do or think about, including the occasional minor annoyance that`s enough to make one shit bricks, followed by days of disquiet. Patience! Praise be to God, this great undertaking will soon be over and, to God`s further glory, with honour! With God`s help we shall survive the inevitable annoyances to which every Kapellmeister is exposed by this virtuosa canalia, just as Hanswurst footnote5 has to work his way through a pile of s**t. Has H Wallner of Berchtesgaden not brought with him a letter or money from H[err] Otto in Frankfurt? - - Do give H Hagenauer my best wishes and don`t forget to ask him to ensure that H Peisser receives the money from the book dealer in Vienna. footnote6 Note that this should be in Viennese currency. You`ll find everything written down. I hope you`ll also have had a moment to beat my furs, otherwise the bugs will be having a field day in them. Keep well, we kiss you 100000 times, and I am your old
Best wishes to all our good friends inside and outside the house, in particular don`t forget our lady friends.


Dearest darling little Sister,
I`m grateful to you and to Mama for your good wishes and am burning to see you again soon in Salzburg. To return to your good wishes, I must say that I suspected it was H Martinelli who wrote your Italian greetings, but because you`re always such a clever girl and were able to arrange things so skilfully by adding H Martinelli`s best wishes in the same handwriting beneath your own Italian congratulations, it was impossible for me to tell the difference, so I said to Papa at once: Oh! If only I were as clever and wise as she is! Then Papa said: Yes, that`s true! I then said: I`m tired. And he`s just said: Then stop. Addio, pray to God that the opera goes well. I kiss Mama`s hand, best wishes to all our acquaintances, I am as always your
brother Wolfgang Mozart
whose fingers are footnote7
tired from writing
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.