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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par / Mantova

Bologna 8 Sept. 1770

Your letter of 24 Aug. has arrived safely, just as I hope you`ve received my letters of 21, 25 Aug. and 1 Sept.
H Brinsechi still hasn`t received the violin tutor, but I`d like another 2 to be sent to Botzen in the same way, wrapped in a bale of linen, or else sent on the occasion of the forthcoming St Andrew`s Fair in Bozen, in which case they should be entrusted to a merchant from Bologna, who will then have them delivered to H Brinsechi in Bologna because H Brinsechi never goes to Bozen, footnote1 whereas other merchants from Bologna do go there.
Don`t fail to write and tell me - in detail - who the ecclesiastical councillors are who`ve arrived in Salzb. and how things are going at the congress and where it`s being held . footnote2 If you can`t write and tell me, ask H Johannes Hag or H Joseph to do so.
I`ll reply to your other points in due course. We`re still in the country and, God be praised, in good health. I`ve written to Milan to find out if our rooms are ready and asked for them to be prepared for us as we`ll be arriving a month earlier than planned, in other words, by early October at the latest, rather than early November: and since I haven`t been able to see Livorno, I shall undertake a short trip from Milan to the Borromean Islands, which are not far away but which are worth seeing.
Have some copies been sent to H Otto in Frankfurt? - - It`s high time they were. If they haven`t been sent and if it`s already too late for H Wallner to take at least 15 copies with him or to send them off in advance, the safest solution would be to write at once to H Johann Jacob Lotter, Printer and Music Publisher in Augspurg, who lives not far from the Voglthor, and instruct him to send 24 copies at once to H David Otto, Organist to the Barefooted Friars, who lives not far from the Leonardsthor in Frankfurt am Main, so they arrive there in time for the Frankfurt Fair. footnote3 You`ll receive this letter on the 15th; and so you must write on the 17th, in which case H Lotter will receive your letter on the 19th and can immediately make arrangements. But if, as I hope, a number of copies have already been sent to Frankfurt since I`d written to say that I was surprised that you`d asked me as you could or should have seen from H Otto`s letter or from the specifications that I left behind that he has paid for all the books he`s received, so that I`d sent instructions from Naples that he should be sent some: if, as I say, some copies have already been sent to him, H Wallner can be given a further 6 copies or as many as he can take with him. I can`t think of everything and had assumed that you`d be able to deal with such matters at home and think about them and from time to time remind me about them and see to all our interests since you know how many things I have to think about; and don`t forget that Frankfurt is one of the best places.
Send me a detailed reply on this point in your next letter so that I can write to H Otto myself and tell him how many copies he is being sent or has already been sent. I have to write to him in any case and tell him that he still owes me 2 f from his last calculation. And so I await your reply, we kiss you both 1000 times and I am your old
Leop Mozart
Best wishes to all our friends inside and outside the house.


In order not to fail in my duty again, I too shall write a few words. Please write and tell me the Brotherhoods to which I belong footnote4 and let me know the prayers that I need to offer for them. I`m just reading Telemachus footnote5 and have already reached part two. Meanwhile, farewell.
I kiss Mama`s hand.
Wolfgang Mozart.
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