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Bologna, 6 October 1770
I received your letter of 14 Sept. footnote1 today, though I was rather expecting one dated the 28th. It`s always the same with the Tyrolean and Italian post - letters are left lying around for a week or more. We`ve been in the town for the last 5 days and have seen the Feast of St Petronius, footnote2 which was celebrated in quite magnificent fashion, when the music was performed in the vast Church of St Petronius by all the musicians in Bologna. We were intending to leave for Milan on Monday or Tuesday, but we`re now being detained till Thursday by something which, if it comes off, will do Wolfgangerl extraordinary credit. footnote3 I`ve a great deal to do, which is why I can`t write to Frau Hagenauer on her name day |: footnote4 as I was intending to do :| but must ask you to congratulate her on behalf of both of us. I`ve barely time to toss off this letter, and I expect that for the next few post-days you`ll be without a letter until one arrives from Milan.
P[adre] Martino has already received the book. We`re the best of friends. The second part of his work is now finished. footnote5 I`ll bring both parts back with me. We visit him every day and discuss the history of music.
So you`ve had 3 concerts? footnote6 - - Well, good for you! - And you didn`t invite us? - - We`d have been there in a trice and left again just as quickly. Best wishes to all our friends inside and outside the house, we kiss you both many 100000000000 times, and I am
Your old


We received your letter too late, but it makes no difference, as the Italian post is very unpredictable. I`m heartily glad that you`ve been having such fun and wish I could have been there. I hope that Mistress Martha is feeling better. footnote7 Today I played the organ for the Dominicans. footnote8 Do congratulate Frau Hagenauer for me, and also Mistress Theresia and tell them that I hope they may live to celebrate the anniversary of Father Dominic`s ordination footnote9 and that we may all live happily ever after. It seems as if you didn`t receive the letter in which I enclosed one for H Sigmund footnote10 as I`ve had no reply. Addio, farewell, kiss Mama`s hands and give my best wishes to all Theresas and greetings to all our other friends inside and outside the house. I hope that I`ll soon be able to hear the Pertel chamber symphonies and perhaps play a little trumpet or pipe by way of an accompaniment. footnote11 I heard and saw the great Feast of St Petronius in Bologna, it was beautiful but long, and the trumpeters had to come from Luca to play the fanfare, which they played abominably, addio,
Wolfg. Mozart
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