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À Madame / Madame Marie Anne Mozart / à / Salzbourg / par Mantova
Bologna 28 July 1770

You`ll have received my first letter of the 21st from Bologna. footnote1 I`ve been in Bologna for 9 days and haven`t left my room but have been either in bed or resting my leg on a chair. But I hope that by the time you read this letter, I shall have been out a few times because I have today applied a few flour compresses - dry but warm ones that have been prescribed by Doctor Rivieri - in order to get rid of the swelling. In addition to the swelling on my ankle and lower leg, there was also a small swelling on the bone of my big toe and on the ball of my foot, which was red and very painful, looking rather like gout and preventing me not only from moving my toes but also from placing any weight on my foot. Patience! Patience is the patron saint of all S=D footnote2 ! This joke will cost me 12 ducats, as it`s no fun being ill in wayside inns. If I`d earned 1000 doppias in Naples, I could write off my expenses. But I`m not so miserly and I`ll settle for less. Naples isn`t the sort of place where you can earn 1000 doppias, footnote3 just ask Herr Meisner, to whom we send our best wishes: he`ll no doubt have a good laugh at all this. Enough! Thank God, I always have more than we need, and with this we are content and praise God. - You also asked me if I`ve ever felt dizzy and had sciatica. I was dizzy a few times in Naples, but only for a few days; and for the last 4 weeks I`ve not only had trouble with my leg but have also had rheumatism in my left shoulder blade, but it`s been very mild, and only certain movements have reminded me of its existence. Yesterday we received the opera libretto and the names of the performers.
The opera is called Mitridate Re di Ponto. It is by a poet from Turin, Signor Vittorio Amedeo Cigna-Santi. And it was performed there in 1767. footnote4 The characters are -
Mitridate Re di Ponto Signor Guilelmo d`Ettore.
Aspasia promessa Sposa di Mitridate etc - - - Signora Antonia Bernasconi. Prima Donna.
Sifare figlio di Mitri: amante di Aspasia. - Signore Sartorini. Soprano Primo uomo.
Farnace primo figlio di Mitridate amante della medesima Aspasia. - Signore Cicognani. contralto.
Ismene figlia del Re de` Parti, amante di Farnace - - Signora Varese. - Seconda Donna. Soprano.
Arbate governatore di Ninfea - Soprano. footnote5
Marzio. Tribuno Romano. - Tenore. footnote6
We already know Signora Bernasconi. Signor Sartorini sang for us in Rome. Signor Cigognani is here and is a good friend of ours. Signor d`Ettore is also here at present. I`ve not yet received your letter about the plaster, it`ll be arriving by the next post from Rome. Today I received your letter of the 20th and also a letter from Herr Troger, together with the box from Milan. footnote7 Mlle Troger has arrived safely in Milan. We very much like the 2 portraits, footnote8 but in order to appreciate them, you need to hold them away from you, for pastels aren`t miniatures. They`re a little oily, but at a distance much of this disappears, and we`re satisfied, which is all that matters! Wolfg. thanks you and his sister and all our good friends for their congratulations, and, like me, he sends you all his best wishes, we kiss you 1000 times, and I am your old

You can imagine our domestic arrangements now that I can`t get out and about; you know what Wolfg. is like.


My dearest sister, footnote9
I must confess that I`m enormously pleased you sent the portraits, which I like a lot. There`s nothing else to report, kiss my mother`s hand a thousand times for me, and I kiss you 1000000 times and remain
Your most humble servant
Wolfgango Amadeo Moz
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