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Rome 4 July 1770
I`ve nothing to report except to say that my leg, thank God, is better. footnote1 Conversely, I have a spot of rheumatism in my left shoulder, in 8 or 10 days at the most we`ll be leaving for Bologna via Loreto. A servant of Cardinal Pallavicini has just this moment invited us to have lunch with His Eminence tomorrow: and on Friday we`re having lunch with His Excellency the Tuscan ambassador, Baron Saint Odile. footnote2 Tomorrow we`re to hear a piece of news which, if it`s true, will amaze you. Cardinal Pallavicini is said to have received instructions from the pope to confer the cross and diploma of an order on Wolfg. footnote3 Don`t say much about this yet: I`ll write again next Saturday to let you know if it`s true. Recently, while we were at the cardinal`s house, he kept calling Wolfg. `Signore Cavaliere`, we thought it was a joke. But now I hear that it`s true and that this is why he`s invited us tomorrow. Today we had lunch with Signor Crivelli, who entertained us most lavishly. He sends you his best wishes. Give my best wishes to Canon De Chiusolis, Herr Crivelli, too, asked me to pass them on. Addio, farewell, I have to hurry as the post is about to leave, Wolfg. can`t write as he`s writing to the son of Field Marshal Pallavicini in Bologna. footnote4 We kiss you 1000 times.
Wolfe. grew visibly taller in Naples.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.