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Milan, 3 March 1770
Today is 3 March and the last day of the carnival. Every day during the whole of the last week entire companies of masqueraders have paraded through the whole town. The most important ones were the facchinata or facchin-mascherata; 2nd, the masquarata of the petits-maîtres, and today the masquerata of the so-called chicchera, which is only another gathering of the petits-maîtres, but this time in carriages and on horseback. footnote1 It wasn`t at all bad to watch, and today there were also lots of carriages with cavaliers en masque and a large crowd of other masked persons in all the streets. In short, everyone is either in the street or at a window. I missed the last post-day. And now the day of our departure is approaching, but you`ll certainly receive one more letter from me from Milan as I shan`t be leaving here before the 12th, 13th or 14th. As you can imagine, I unpacked everything, and so I now have to pack it all up again. Also, our luggage has grown in size, and I`d like to send something home. It was bitterly cold when we left Mantua. We bought 2 fine foot-bags that cost 5 ducats. We had to buy them as poorer-quality ones were not to be had. They`re made from grey cloth, lined with wolf fur and have fine laces and tassels. They`ve done excellent service, and without them we`d have fared badly in the Italian sedias. I`m very surprised that there`s been no answer from Vienna, Leipzig, Insprugg etc. footnote2 You could write to Herr von Heufeld about Herr Gräffer in Vienna, except that I no longer have Herr Heufeld`s address; you`ll be able to find it if you care to take the trouble to look for Heufeld`s letters in my writing-case and drawers. Otherwise you could just write à M. Francois de Heufeld and enclose it with a letter to M. [ Gscheider ] . As for Leipzig, you need to go and see Schwarzkopf`s servant, who has a warehouse in the market next to Zezi`s shop opposite the Residence, because the books were sent to Herr Schwarzkopf in Nuremberg by Herr Lotter in order for them to be forwarded to Herr Breitkopf in Leipzig. Herr Schwarzkopf`s servant in the market must not only know all about this, he should also pay you for 50 copies, you`ll see from my notebook how much he should pay for each copy. I think that for the 50 copies that he demanded, it`s 1 florin 30 groschen a copy, the other 50 |: for I sent him 100 :| are to be sold on commission at 1 florin 45 groschen each, but these will be paid for only when they`ve been sold. You`ll find everything written down. But go and see him as soon as you receive this letter |: otherwise he`ll have left :| and make sure he pays you. As for Insprugg, you can make enquiries of Herr Wolf |: to whom you should also give my kind regards :|. I must close now. Farewell. I kiss you both, give my best wishes to the whole of Salzburg I am your old
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.