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[Innsbruck, 17 December 1769]
Sunday night, 17 December, I think, as I no longer have a diary for this year.
After I`d sent my servant to announce our arrival here, His Excellency Count Spaur |: the brother of the member of our Cathedral Chapter in Salzburg :| not only sent his own servant to welcome me and to inform me that his carriage would collect us at 2 o`clock on Saturday afternoon and take us to his house, but he and his wife received us most graciously and offered to place their carriage at our disposal, an offer of which I took advantage. On Sunday morning I received a note from him inviting us to a concert at 5 o`clock at the home of His Excellency Count Leopold Künigl. Meanwhile I made use of the carriage, driving over to see Herr von Kalckhammer on 2 occasions, then to Baron Cristani, where I chatted for three quarters of an hour about all manner of things, then to His Excellency Baron Enzenberg, and finally at 5 o`clock to the concert. Wolfg. was given a very fine concerto, which he played at sight. footnote1 As usual, we were received with every honour and then accompanied home by His Excellency Count Spauer himself. In short, we could not be more satisfied. Tomorrow I mean to pack my things, which will not take long as I`ve unpacked very little; and I plan to leave on Tuesday, footnote2 God willing. Please thank Herr von Schidenhofen most humbly both for the letter of recommendation that he sent me and for the kind apology that he made on my behalf and which is fully justified. footnote3 Please ask him to convey my thanks to the major and give him my best wishes. I`ll write to Herr von Schidenhofen myself as soon as I have time. I hope you are all well, I shall write again from Botzen. You must keep all the letters. I deliberately left all the parts of the opera at home, including the violin parts, and took only the score with me. We forgot to include some arias for Wolfg., but it doesn`t matter as we`ll find plenty more. footnote4 A certain Count Attems, who spoke to us here, will be coming to Salzb. with his wife. He studied in Salz. many years ago and is an old acquaintance of mine: he may call on you so that Nannerl can play him something. We kiss you and Nannerl a thousand times, farewell to you all! Best wishes to our good old friends. I am your old
[ The present was twelve ducats. ]
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.