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Milan, 7 Nov. / 1772
Don`t be alarmed at seeing my own handwriting rather than Papa`s; the reasons are as follows: 1st, we`re at H von Aste`s, and Baron Cristani footnote1 is here and they`ve so much to talk about that he doesn`t have time to write. And, 2nd, he`s too = = = lazy. We arrived here safely at noon on the fourth and are well. All our good friends are in the country and at Mantua, except for H von Taste and his lady wife, who has asked me to give her best wishes to you and my sister. H Mislivececk is still here. There`s absolutely no truth in the reports about a war in Italy about which people are talking so much in Germany or about fortifications to the castles hereabouts. footnote2 Sorry about my handwriting. If you write, just write to us directly, as it`s not the custom here, as it is in Germany, for letters to be delivered, instead they have to be collected from the post office, so we go and collect them every post-day. There`s nothing to report from here, we await news from Salzbourg. We hope you`ll have received the letter from Botzen. footnote3 I can`t think of anything else, so I`ll close. Best wishes to all our good friends. We kiss Mama 100000 times |: I didn`t bring any more noughts with me :| and I kiss Mama`s hands and prefer to embrace my sister in person rather than in my imagination


Dearest Sister, footnote4
I hope you`ve called on the woman, [ you know who I mean ]. footnote5 Could I ask you [ if you see her ] to give her [ my best wishes ]. I hope and do not doubt that you`re in good health. I forgot to tell you that we met the dancer Sig Belardo here, whom we knew from The Hague and Amsterdam and who attacked the dancer Sig Neri with his sword because he thought it was because of him that he`d not been allowed to dance in the theatre. Addio. Don`t forget me. I remain your
faithful brother Amadeo Wolfgango


We spent Wolfg.`s name day footnote6 most enjoyably with the 2 Pizzini brothers footnote7 in Alla. We broke our journey in Verona, which is why we reached Milan later than planned. The weather continues to be fine here - it rained only once on our journey, during the afternoon of the day after St Simon and St Jude, footnote8 that was all. Keep well! Addio!
Best wishes to all our friends.
We`ve seen comic operas footnote9 both here and in Verona.
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.