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Venice, 1 March 1771
We`re keeping well, praise be to God, and are for ever being invited out, now here, now there, with the result that our hosts` gondolas are constantly outside our house, and every day we ride on the Grand Canal. footnote1 We`ll be leaving Venice about a week later than I`d thought and shall have to stay for 2 or 3 days in Vicenza as the local bishop, who`s a member of the house of Cornero, refuses to let us pass through the town without lunching with him or, rather, without spending at least a couple of days with him. There`ll also be a 3-day stay in Verona, where we may perhaps have to remain for an extra 24 hours. In spite of all this, unless something untoward befalls us, which God forbid, we`ll still be in Salzburg by Easter. I`m only sorry that we`ll have only dismal fast-days during our journey. We may reach Reichenhall on Good Friday and hear the usual Passion play there. I`ll tell you in detail what I think of the Arsenal, the churches, ospedali and other things, indeed, of Venice in general. For the present I can tell you that there are beautiful and unusual things to see here. You`ll see from my pen and ink that I`m writing this at H Wider`s, where I`ve just received your letter, footnote2 together with H Adelgasser`s enclosure. Do give my best wishes to H Adlgasser and his wife. I`ll deal with his request and reply to his letter in person. footnote3 As for the opera, however, we shan`t be able to bring it with us as it`s still with the copyist, and, like all opera copyists in Italy, he`s unwilling to let the original out of his hands as long as he can make a profit from it. When we left Milan, the copyist had to prepare 5 complete copies, namely, 1 for the Impresa, 2 for Vienna, 1 for the Duchess of Parma and 1 for the Lisbon court, footnote4 to say nothing of individual arias: and who knows whether he`s received several additional orders in the meantime? Even then he told me that I shouldn`t expect to see it before Easter, by which time I hope to be in Salzb. It will then be sent to Salzburg from Milan. As for the taffeta, your request will be dealt with. We`re again having lunch today with H Wider, who always entertains us when we`re not invited elsewhere. He sends you his best wishes, as does his whole family; I`m very much beholden to him. Next Tuesday we`ll have a big concert. footnote5 The previous Sunday we`ll be at the Imp Ambassador`s. Last Monday we were at H E Mafetti`s, where the guests included Bocelli Sm. etc. Addio, farewell both of you, we kiss you 100000 times - I am your old

All conceiv good wishes to all our friends inside and outside the house, and we hope to see you again soon. Hs Grace will no doubt have received my letter on his birthday ? footnote6
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In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.