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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><TEI.2><teiHeader><fileDesc> <titleStmt><title>In Mozart's Words (The letters from Italy): Letter 271</title> <respStmt> <resp>Annotations: Cliff Eisen, King's College, London</resp> <resp>XML-tagging of citations in the text: Claudia Pignato e Patrizia Rebulla, Castaliamusic</resp> <resp>Conversion to TEI XML: Michael Pidd, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</resp> <resp>Full credits available at: http://letters.mozartways.com</resp> </respStmt> </titleStmt> <publicationStmt> <publisher>Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield</publisher> <pubPlace>Sheffield, United Kingdom</pubPlace> <date>2011</date> <availability><p>This transcription can be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes on condition that it is accompanied by this header information identifying its origin and authors. Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or for commercial uses. 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The first rehearsal <ref type="footnote" id="fn0" n="1"></ref> with all the instruments is at half past 9 in the morning. We`ve recently had 3 rehearsals for the recitatives. The <name type="person" id="1973" ref="4230">tenor</name> didn`t arrive till last night, and today Wolfg. has written 2 arias for him and still has another 2 to do. <ref type="footnote" id="fn1" n="2"></ref> The second rehearsal is on Sunday the 20th, the third on Tuesday the 22nd, the dress rehearsal on Wednesday the 23rd, with nothing on Thursday and Friday. The first night is on Saturday the 26th, God willing, the day on which you`ll receive this letter. I`m writing this at 11 o`clock at night as Wolfg. has just finished the <name type="person" id="1974" ref="4230">tenor</name>`s 2nd aria. On Christmas Eve we`ll have a solemn supper at the home of H von <name type="person" id="1975" ref="2114">Germani</name> and his <name type="person" id="1976" ref="2115">wife</name>, both of whom send you their kind regards and wish that you were here. Tomorrow we`re munching, oops, lunching with H von <name type="person" id="1977" ref="4005">Mayr</name>, after lunch I`ll be able to write a few more words. Today we were with Hs Ex <name type="person" id="1978" ref="1836">Co Firmian</name> to offer our congratulations on the nomination of His Eminence the <name type="person" id="1979" ref="1838">Bishop of Passau</name> as cardinal. The courier arrived with the news from Rome at the Angelus on the evening of the 17th. Addio, farewell.<lb/><lb/><lb/><name type="person" id="1980" ref="4038">MOZART</name>`S POSTSCRIPT TO <name type="person" id="4597" ref="3752">HIS SISTER</name> <ref type="footnote" id="fn2" n="3"></ref><lb/><lb/>[Alternate lines written upside down in the autograph]<lb/>I hope you`re feeling well, my dear sister. When you receive this<lb/>[upside down:]<lb/>letter, my dear sister, that same evening, my dear sister,<lb/>[right way up:]<lb/>my <name type="work" id="4474" ref="311">opera</name> will be being staged. Think of me, dear sister, and imagine<lb/>[upside down:]<lb/>my dear sister, as hard as you can, that you`re seeing and hearing, my dear sister,<lb/>[right way up:]<lb/>it too. It`s hard, of course, as it`s already 11 o`clock, otherwise I believe and do not doubt<lb/>[upside down:]<lb/>for a moment that it`s brighter by day than at Easter. My dear sister,<lb/>[right way up:]<lb/>tomorrow we`re lunching with H von <name type="person" id="1981" ref="4005">Mayer</name> and why, do you think? Guess - because he invited us. Tomorrow`s rehearsal is <name type="place" id="4613" ref="118">onstage</name><lb/>[upside down:]<lb/>but the impresaria, Sig <name type="person" id="1982" ref="1034">Castiglioni</name>, has asked me not<lb/>[right way up:]<lb/>to say anything about it, otherwise people will flock there, and we don`t want that.<lb/>[upside down:]<lb/>And so, my child, I beg you, not to say anything to anyone, my child, for<lb/>[right way up:]<lb/>otherwise too many people will flock there today, my child. By the way, do you know<lb/>[upside down:]<lb/>what happened here? I`ll tell you:<lb/>[right way up:]<lb/>We left <name type="person" id="1983" ref="1836">Co Firmian</name>`s today to return home, and when<lb/>[upside down:]<lb/>we got to our own street,<lb/>[right way up:]<lb/>we opened the front door, and what do you think happened? We went in. Farewell, my little lung. I kiss you, my liver,<lb/>[upside down:]<lb/>and remain, as always, my stomach, your worthless brother Wolfgang Frater<lb/>[right way up:]<lb/>please, please, my dear sister, I`ve been bitten, scratch me.</div><div type="footnotes"><div type="footnotetext" id="fn0"> For <hi rend="italic"><name type="work" id="001969" ref="000311">Lucio Silla</name></hi></div> <div type="footnotetext" id="fn1"> In the event, it was decided to assign only two arias to the largely unsatisfactory <name type="person" id="004230" ref="000000">Bassano Morgnoni</name>, ‘Il desio di vendetta (nr. 5) and ‘D'ogni pietà mi spoglio perfida (nr. 13); see letter 275</div> <div type="footnotetext" id="fn2"> Last lines of Mozart`s postscript are accompanied by a balloon. The words in the balloon read, in translation: Fly off to my child / from the front or from behind! <ref type="background" idref="271-1"/> </div></div></body></text></TEI.2>
In Mozart's Words. Version 1.0, published by HRI Online, 2011. ISBN 9780955787676.