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Naples, 16 June 1770
You shouldn`t and mustn`t be surprised if there are long periods when you receive no letters from me, but you know from experience that one cannot always be writing and that letters take 14 days to reach Salzb. from Naples. By now, however, you should have received 6 letters from Naples, this one being the seventh. You shouldn`t reply to this one, at least until such time as I write to you again and tell you where to send your letters. We were planning to leave on the 20th, but it won`t now be until the 23rd or 24th because His Excellency Count Kaunitz won`t be ready until then. He`s been appointed the administrative head of Moravia in place of His Excellency Count Schrattenbach. We`re now busy seeing all the sights. On the 13th - St Anthony`s Day - you`d have found us at sea. We took a carriage and drove out to Pozzolo at 5 in the morning, arriving there before 7 and taking a boat to Baia, where we saw the baths of Nero, the underground grotto of Sybilla Cumana, the Lago d`Averno, Tempio di Venere, Tempio di Diana, il Sepolchro d`agripina, the Elysian Fields or Campi Elisi, the Dead Sea, where the ferryman was Charon, la Piscina Mirabile and the Cente Camerelle etc., on the return journey many old baths, temples, underground rooms etc., il Monte Nuovo, il Monte Gauro, il Molo di Pozzoli, the Coliseum, the Solfatara, the Astroni, the Grotta del Cane, the Lago di Agnano etc., but above all the Grotto di Pozzuoli and Virgil`s grave. The Grotto di Pozzuoli is like our New Gate, footnote1 except that it took us 8 minutes to drive through it as it is 344 cannas footnote2 long. Today we had lunch with the Carthusians on the heights at San Martino and afterwards saw all the place`s curiosities and delights and admired the view. On Monday and Tuesday etc. we`re going to take a closer look at Vesuvius, Pompea and Herculaneum - the towns that are currently being excavated - and admire the curiosities that have already been discovered and also take a look at Caserta etc. and Capo di Monte etc., all of which will cost money. It`s time to stop, the post is leaving soon, and I still have to write a few words to Herr Marcabruni. Best wishes to all our good friends etc. We kiss you and Nannerl 1000 times, and I am your old
In order to see all the curiosities, you always have to take a torch along because many of them are underground. Wolfg. and I were completely alone with our servant, we had 6 sailors and the cicerone, footnote3 none of whom could conceal their astonishment at seeing Wolfg. as the 2 old grey-bearded seamen declared that they had never seen such a young boy come to these places to see these antiquities.


I`m still alive and as always I`m permanently happy, I like travelling: now I`ve also been out on the Merditeranean Sea . footnote4 I kiss Mama`s hand and kiss Nannerl 1000 times, I am
your son Stefel and brother Hans . footnote5
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